English Thesis Paper

August 27, 2017 History

According to Hellen Keller, “…although the world is full of suffering, it is full also of the overcoming of it. ” Even though we may face challenges in life certain people are capable of rising above their hardships. In an estimated opinion, I agree with this quote because we all suffer from our mistakes and accept the consequence. I myself went through a similar stage in my life. I’ve had times were I was mistaken for what I have done, such as being wrong during an argument, it led me to fix my mistakes and no longer continue to be selfish and know what’s coming further more.

Further more, in both A Raisin In The Sun and Night, the characters are faced with cruelty, hardships, and suffering, yet they are able to overcome this suffering by maintaining their strength and moral values. In A Raisin in the Sun, Walter and his family went through a lot of hardships. They lived in a rugged apartment with barely enough money to support the household. Walter and Ruth’s son sleep on the couch. Walter dreams of a better life everyday. He stops at nothing to pursue his dreams.

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Despite Mama’s disapproval of Walter’s investment in a liquor store, she trusts him with her money, which indeed he still invests in the liquor store. Yet a man ran away with Walters money that Mama had given. They are then left with nothing! Their suffering had worsened and led them to sell their house that they had recently bought. Walter believed that was the only way to recover what has been lost. By the time Walter was in deeded to sell the house he had realized that family was more important and did not sell the house.

Walter overcame his suffering not with money but with his needs, what was important to him. In Night, by Elie Wiesel, characters suffer the most brutal genocide of all time in history. They were abused and beaten! They were packed in trains shipped to Nazi camps, implemented with numbers like animals, and separated from the ones they loved. Their suffering was uncountable! But despite what chaos was informed, with faith of god, protagonist, Elie, are able to overcome the suffering. He admits that he once lost his hope in god, which god will allow this to happen?

Yet Elie and everyone around him fought the suffering and have survived! He struggles to overcome suffering to survive, and with his inerasable triumph over his suffering, his message and story traveled to millions. Despite the suffering the characters face, many like Walter and Elie are able to overcome their oppression. It was not easy and at times they questioned the worth of their struggle but through strength and a realization of what’s right, these characters fought, and survived although their memories are still upon them and thrive the influence on others.


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