English Traves Essay

August 10, 2017 General Studies

Plagiarism is one of the most of import issues that pupils have to confront in their academic lives. If they are found guilty of perpetrating plagiarism in their plants. they can confront serious effects like failure or ejection from the school. As such. it is of import that they learn how to properly citation and acknowledge the plants that they lift from other writers and beginnings. The reading indicates that anything that is borrowed from another work or writer must be cited.

“The merely types of information that do non necessitate recognition are common cognition. facts widely available in many beginnings. well-known citations. or stuff you created or gathered yourself… ” ( Author. Year. p. 747 ) . Students must be able to separate these things so that they do non do the error of plagiarising. To avoid plagiarism. all they have to retrieve is to admit anything that they did non compose or come up with.

There are several ways to document and admit other writers’ works including the Modern Language Association ( MLA ) and the American Psychological Association ( APA ) . These certification manners allow authors. whether pupils or professionals. to avoid being accused of plagiarism. Another manner to avoid plagiarism is to seek composing a piece of work without utilizing any beginnings. Students should larn how to compose their documents utilizing their ain ideas. thoughts. and words.

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Original work is ever better to show although some teachers do necessitate their pupils to execute research so that they would larn more about a peculiar topic. It should be remembered that no author wants his or her work to be borrowed and non be acknowledged for his or her attempt. In add-on. pupils need to recognize that it is better to larn how to mention their beginnings than suffer the effects of being accused of plagiarism.


Writer. ( Year ) . Title. Topographic point of publication: Publisher.


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