English VS. Spanish Colonization Essay

July 26, 2017 Religion

Although the English and Spanish both sought to sail across the Atlantic and research to suppress the New World for their ain alone grounds. the conditions and experiences they faced differed greatly. Spain claimed to hold conquered the New World foremost with the reaching of Christopher Columbus in 1492. while the English claimed to hold done so with the constitution of Jamestown in 1607. Spain and England both colonized the Americas and sought to remain at that place. but were faced with many obstructions that would interfere with how they continued to dwell the land. Both the Spanish and the English had different settlements which had different climes and were surrounded by different landscapes. Most English settlements were established by royal charter. The earliest lasting English colonies were in Virginia and Massachusetts.

The footmark of these settlements stretched as far West as the Mississippi River. While Virginia was a Southern Colony. Massachusetts was a New England Colony. Each settlement had different farming area unique to the part. Virginia was capable of turning many things such as baccy. maize. and squash. The land in Massachusetts had small capableness. necessitating to be fertilized to farm but long winters besides posed the menace of killing harvests. However. Spain maintained the land that was by and large south of Georgia. Crown-sponsored conquerings gained wealths for Spain and expanded its imperium. Most of the southern part of contemporary North America was claimed by the Spanish and stretched every bit far as the California seashore. Colonies include ; St. Augustine. Florida ( 1565 ) . Santa Fe. New Mexico ( 1610 ) . and many metropoliss in Texas and California.

Due to the Spanish business of the South. they experienced rich dirt and short winter. Resulting in successful agriculture which reinforced the endurance of the public. Spain and England were both ruled under male monarchs. However. these male monarchs were followed otherwise by its people. The English had a more loose attack to how the citizens should obey the male monarch. An increased distance from England and the male monarch allowed colonists the chance for local authoritiess. representative assemblies. and self-taxation. every bit long as they did non take up weaponries against the Crown. However. Spain was really rigorous about how their settlers should follow their male monarch. Spain maintained a tighter clasp on its citizens. Unlike the English. the Spanish sovereign had appointed governors. who reported to the king entirely. to govern over the Spanish Colonies. Settlers had to obey the king’s Torahs and were unable to regulate themselves. Religion was a big ground for both the English and the Spanish to suppress the Americas.

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The English. who were mostly non-Catholic. sought to go to the Americas for spiritual freedom. Although some tolerance was practiced in most settlements. the Puritans in Massachusetts established a restrictive spiritual leading. In relation to the manner the English are encouraged to follow their male monarch. they had a similar regulation for those who chose to populate under different faiths. The Church of England was the faith that the authorities wanted everyone to follow before most of the English settlements were established. All citizens were expected to follow the Church of England. or pay a all right. Those who followed were allowed to pattern whatever faith they chose every bit long as they kept it to themselves.

This angered many Puritans. which led to many desiring to sail across the Atlantic to the New World. Those who left were seeking to be free of the Church of England. This caused many settlements such as New Jersey and Rhode Island to hold spiritual freedom. However. the Spanish did largely everything in the name of God. Catholicism was the absolute most of import faith in the eyes of the Spanish. Settlers were restricted to be Catholics ; those who were Protestants were persecuted and driven out. In the beginning. primary intent for the Spanish geographic expedition of the New World was to distribute Christianity. but was deterred by the benefits of detecting gold and luck.

Colonization of the New World was different for both Spain and England through their faith. authorities. and geographics. The English sought to set up lasting colonies along the Atlantic Coast while the Spanish came to suppress and work the wealth and resources that already existed. Through different concluding both European states sought to suppress the same land. but faced assorted complications.


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