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June 8, 2018 Management

Distance calculator is a new feature introduced by My Happy Journey which provides a better and an easier way of planning your holiday. Distance calculator: a new way towards better holiday planning 20 January, 2014: Many people prefer to go on a holiday to shed the stress which they feel after spending endless hours at work or fulfilling their other obligations. To relieve that stress there are a lot of holiday destinations and My Happy Journey is a renowned company that provides the best holiday packages to its clients.

When planning their holiday, many people give major importance to the distance that they have to travel to reach their holiday destination. This helps them in deciding where to go on a holiday according to the available time. Every person wants to make the most of his holiday trip by visiting as many places of his choice as he can. However, it usually happens that most of their time gets wasted in travelling because of which they are left with very less time to enjoy sightseeing or visit other beautiful places.

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Keeping this in mind, My Happy Journey has introduced a new service for its clients which allows the travelers to do a proper planning of their trip. Distance calculator available on http://www. myhappyjourney. com/distance-calculator helps you in proper calculation of the time required to reach a particular destination. It works in a very easy and efficient way. A client has to enter names of two places. First is the name of place from where the journey is to be started and the other is the client’s destination.

Once you enter the two names, distance calculator will calculate the distance in kilometers between the two places and let you know. In addition to this, it will also inform you about the total time required to reach your destination. Another important feature provided by distance calculator is the navigation facility. It provides you with the proper direction and the path you can follow if you choose to go to your holiday destination by road. This will help you in making proper plans regarding how you can best utilize your time.

By making use of distance calculator, you can make the best use of your time and schedule your trip accordingly. This will not only guide you properly while travelling but will also save your time and efforts made in confirming the correct route from others. It can be the case when you are travelling to a particular place for the first time and you are not sure about the correct route. The detailed route and other helpful information about various places are available on http://www. myhappyjourney. com/distance-calculator About the company

My Happy Journey is working with the most advanced technology and is offering the most exclusive travelling experience by providing the best services and hospitality to its customers. In addition to this, it is setting new standards by providing exceptional services that help its clients in better planning and management of their holidays. All these reasons make My Happy Journey the best travel company, while helping its customers in enjoying a trouble free journey by providing them proper guidance whenever and where ever needed.

My happyjourney is a company aimed at delivering the most reliable services and promising an unforgettable and completely authentic experience to its clients. Offering an extensive range of well designed Tour and Travel Packages. We have become the prime choice of our clients who wish to make trip with an unforgettable experience. Our dedicated and professional staff is always ready to assist you at each and every step of your dream Honeymoon and Travel Tour Packages.


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