Enterprise study is to propose that Software-as-a-Service

February 23, 2019 General Studies

Enterprise Application Integration
(BeiLie Wang1 · Hui Liu2 · Jie Song1, 2016) They defines enterprise application integration (EAI) as the procedure of taking two systems application programs collected with data, this may be implemented using middleware. enterprise application integration.The main aim of the study is to propose that Software-as-a-Service be used on the EAI.According to () the are two patterns that must be met when implanting enterprise application integration.These are (a) Mediation: acts as broker between several applications. (b) Federation: acts as the central facade across several applications. The study of enterprise application integration (EAI) considered having most prominent methodologies which is semantic integration and syntactic integration. The study The proposed SaaSified approach which can integrate the application in both three which are (a) SOA-based, (b) framework on the basis of Web Services (c) both to adopt the SOA and Web Services.in conclusion their going to to implement an SOA-based
tool for integrating SaaSified applications. Software-as-a-Service maturity model will be reorganized to meet the standard of practical necessities of enterprise application integration (EAI)


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