u01d2 Views on the Environment Discussion Description (click to collapse) From the Bailey article in your readings, select one argument that is in opposition to an argument posed by Edward Wilson or Lester Brown, in their books. What is the conflict between the arguments? Are these arguments in complete contradiction or can they coexist? In other words, could both | According the readings of Bailey, the natural environment is in good shape, and the prospect of humanity is actually quite good.

When evaluating the source use to predetermine the findings of Ronald Bailey, we can come to the conclusion that the world is in a worst state than people are willing to believe. According to Mr. Lester Browns, findings, Debunking Green Myths (2002), Bailey believes the natural environment is in good shape, and the prospect of humanity is actually quite good. When researchers have discovered his statements and findings are a contradictory to what evolution has proven.

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As the population consistently grows and economy is depleting and, people are not able to maintain because, the quality of food is poor and there is no due to the pollution contaminating the environment so, fruits and vegetables don’t grow to their full potential. People are easily stricken with sickness and disease; animals are dying and becoming less and less extinct. And according to Mr. Brown, the world’s ecosystem is constantly breaking down. Debunking Green Myths (2002).

So, economy has to take monies they don’t have to spend to revamp how society is being depicted and operates to try to resurface what they lost. I believe that in reading both References Bailey, R. (2002). Debunking Green Myths. Reason, 33(9), 58-60. Retrieved from EBSCOhost. /lohttp://ezproxy. library. capella. edu

SKEPTICAL Environmentalist: Measuring the Real Estate of the World, The (Book Ronald Bailey ([email protected] com) is reason’s science


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