Environmental Analysis Of Brazil Marketing Essay

October 18, 2017 Marketing

DAIM Co. is the company that has been runing successfully for the past 15 old ages supplying and fabricating computing machine and computing machine devices and considered as the market leader in the Malayan market. Due to the high competition in the market, the director of DAIM Co. intends to carry company ‘s BOD ( Board of Directors ) to perforate Brazilian market. The chief thought of the concern is to sell computing machines and computing machine devices in Brazil.

The chief intent of this assignment is to execute environmental analysis of Brazil, to place possible chances and menaces, and to analyse how the environmental factors in footings of political-legal, societal, economic and technological environment can impact the international operation maps and decision-making of a concern. Besides, this research paper provides most appropriate market entry scheme.

Selected Merchandise: Computer and computing machine devices

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Executive Summary flag_of_brazil.png images.jpg


It is a state that situates in the South America, and continent ‘s largest state. Boundary lines about all the states on the continent except Chile and Ecuador and has issue to Atlantic Ocean that makes state easy to entree by the sea. The surface country of the state is 8 547 000 square kilometer. Brazil ranks as fifth largest state. The capital metropolis is Brasilia, while the most of import metropoliss are Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

Brazil ‘s clime is tropical due to the location of the state, with the south being temperate. ( Appendix 1, Political Map of Brazil )


It is the most thickly settled state in the South America, and universe ‘s 6 state harmonizing to population after China, India, USA, Indonesia and Russian Federation. The population of Brazil is equal to 190,732,694 people as of August 2010, which is 2.76 % of World ‘s Population. And the birth rate is 22.65 births per 1,000 populations.

Different cultural groups can be described as follows: 55 % are Whites of European descent, 22 % are mulattous of assorted European and African Descent, 11 % inkinesss and 0.1 % Native Americans. ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www.ibge.gov.br/english/presidencia/noticias/noticia_visualiza.php? id_noticia=1766 & A ; id_pagina=1 )

Economic Profile

Brazil has best economic system among all states in Latin America. Since its independency September 7, 1822 the economic system is quickly developing. And the consequence by 2010 is:

GDP ( nominal exchange rate ) : $ 2.1 trillion.

GDP ( buying power para ) : $ 2.194 trillion. ( Appendix 2, GDP of Brazil )

Annual existent growing ( 2010 ) : 7.5 % .

Natural resources: Iron ore, manganese, bauxite, nickel, U, gemstones, oil, wood, and aluminium. Brazil has 14 % of the universe ‘s renewable fresh H2O.

Agriculture ( 6 % of GDP ) : A Merchandises — soya beans, java, sugar cane, chocolate, rice, farm animal, maize, oranges, cotton, wheat, and baccy.

Industry ( 28 % of GDP ) : A Types — steel, commercial aircraft, chemicals, petrochemicals, footwear, machinery, motors, vehicles, car parts, consumer durable goodss, cement, and timber.

Exchange rate ( March 3, 2011 ) : U.S. $ 1 = 1.65 Brazilian reals.

International Business

Trade balance of Brazil as for 2011 is $ 20 billion surplus.A Exports: $ 202 billion.A Major markets of exports are: China 15 % , USA 10 % , Argentina 9 % .A Imports: $ 182 billion.A Major providers are USA 15 % , China 14 % , and Argentina 8 % . ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www.state.gov/r/pa/ei/bgn/35640.htm )

PESTLE Analysis

PESTLE is a strategic direction tool that provides utile model to analyse the environmental force per unit areas on Business ( Goyal et al, 2009 ) .


Brazil is a federal democracy with 26 provinces and a federal territory. The 1988 fundamental law grants wide powers to the federal authorities, made up of executive, legislative, and judicial subdivisions.

Electing Lula district attorney Silva in the 2002 as the president of Brazil has been described as a “ milepost, ” a starting point for secured democratic regulation in the state. This was an of import in the constitution of economic norms and patterns for the state ; the more socialist theoretical accounts of state-run industry have been rejected, and important international debt has been incurred to turn to the societal ailments confronting the state. During the economic crisis in Latin America, the Brazilian economic state of affairs becomes even more of import ; the growing of the Brazilian market has come to bear significantly on the universe ‘s economic system.

After the election at that place have been important betterments in the political environment, but political haggle still exists, and a disconnected Congress means economic hazards still remain.A Issues environing policy execution mean that expected future benefits from current policies are unsure.


Brazilian economic system is the largest in the South America part ; state has good developed agribusiness, excavation, fabrication and service sector. From 2003, Brazil improved its macroeconomic state of affairs, built foreign dealingss, reduced internal debt, kept rising prices rate under control. Subsequently during the fiscal crisis Brazilian economic system had a solid public presentation and its strong and early recovery, including 2010 growing of 7.5 % , have contributed to the state ‘s passage from a regional to a planetary power. Expected to go on to turn in the 4 % to 5 % scope, the economic system is the universe ‘s eighth-largest and is expected to lift to fifth within the following several old ages. During the disposal of former President Lula, billowing exports, economic growing and societal plans helped raise 10s of 1000000s of Brazilians out of poorness.


The big and turning consumer market provides a strong footing for sing market entry.A A

It is improbable that overall work force handiness will be an issue, given the option of utilizing international labour if demands can non be met locally.A A

Labor costs are attractive but there are important costs on top of basic rewards and demands for extra preparation.


Brazil is a leader in scientific discipline and engineering in South America and in some Fieldss a planetary leader, such as bio fuels, agricultural research, deep-sea oil production, and remote detection. U.S. Government, private sector, and academic research workers have extended ties with Brazilian opposite numbers, and the extent of bilateral scientific and technological cooperation is spread outing. The Brazilian Government seeks to develop an environment that is more supportive of invention, taking scientific progresss from the research lab to the market place.


The Legal regulations regulating concern activities in Brazil are fundamentally laid down in federal statute law, but fundamental law allows Federal Government to pass on certain affairs related to concern activities, such as revenue enhancement, fiscal and economic issues, liability for environmental and consumer amendss. Federal Government ‘s power is limited to ordaining basic regulations on such issues, whereas States and Federal District have authorization to pass on a auxiliary footing, in line with the general regulations laid down in the federal statute law.

Brazil offers large concern chances for foreign investors, in visible radiation of its economic potency, its diversified economic system and its immense domestic market, now well expanded as a consequence of several international trade understandings entered into with economic blocks and states the World over.


Harmonizing to the geographical location of Brazil, it is really easy accessible by the sea, this means the state has an issue to the Atlantic Ocean. The natural stuffs, equipment, and merchandises can easy be delivered by the sea which is non dearly-won comparing to transit by air.

Besides, harmonizing to the geographical location of the state there is no natural catastrophe like temblors and tsunami, which may do arrest of the concern.

Due to the big size, the clime of Brazil is different, even though the most portion of the state is within tropical zone. The clime of Brazil experiments two seasons: the rainy which is summer and prohibitionist season which is winter. There is no cold at all, so the clime is partially same as in Malaysia, and it is really suited for making concern in this state.

Market and Segment Analysis

STP ( Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning ) is the kernel of selling. ( Kotler, 1994, p. 93 )

Segmentation – is theA processA of specifying and subdividing aA marketA into clearly identifiableA sections holding similarA demands, A wants, orA demandA features.

( hypertext transfer protocol: //www.businessdictionary.com/definition/market-segmentation.html )

Demographic Segmentation – refers to a broad survey of the possible clients ( Kotler, P. , 2002 ) . It consists of the variables such as: age, income, business and gender.

The below diagram demonstrates the age cleavage:

13-25 old ages – for Education and Entertainment

25-65 old ages – for making concern.


The income degree is an of import portion of cleavage, everyone can afford computing machines and computing machine devices, because presents at that place to many types of devices and they vary in pricing. It is available for all degrees of users, business and gender.

Geographic Segmentation is done by spliting people ( markets ) into different geographical locations. ( Kotler & A ; Armstrong, 2002, p.252 )

Here, the chief mark will be chief metropoliss like capital Brasilia, and the most of import metropoliss in the state Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

Targeting Strategy – is theA selectionA ofA potentialA customersA to whom aA concern wants toA sellA productsA orA services. The targetingA scheme involves sectioning the market, taking whichA sections of the market areA appropriate, and finding the merchandises that will be offered in each section. ( http: //www.businessdictionary.com/definition/targeting-strategy.html )

Largely computing machine devices will be selling to the large companies who need computing machines to run their concern and clients who uses computing machines that need devices to organize their busy agendas and communicate with co-workers, friends and household.

Besides, high schools, colleges and other educational establishments will be targeted in Brazil.

Positioning Strategy -A statesA how theA firmA definesA itsA businessA or how aA brandA distinguishes itself, how theA customersA will profit from itsA characteristics, and how theseA benefitsA or facets will be communicated to the intendedA audience.

( hypertext transfer protocol: //www.businessdictionary.com/definition/positioning-statement.html )

We are positioning our computing machines and computing machine devices as the versatile, convenient, value-added devices for making concern, personal and professional usage. The selling scheme will concentrate on the convenience of making concern, amusement with entree to the cyberspace.

Mode of Entry to the Market

The proposed manner to come in Brazilian market is through Joint Venture scheme, which is defined as a contractual concern set abouting between two or more parties. It is similar to a concern partnership, with one key difference: a partnership by and large involves an on-going, long-run concern relationship, whereas a joint venture is based on a individual concern dealing.

Constitution of joint ventures is a common pattern in Brazil. A major motive for joint ventures is to partner off foreign houses with Brazilian spouses to vie in sections of the authorities procurance market or in other markets capable to authorities ordinance, such as telecommunications, computing machines and capital goods. Formation of a joint venture can be accomplished through a assortment of concern entities.

Entering a joint venture is a complex, and sometimes, clip devouring procedure. As any type concern construction, it holds a good chance for anyone to turn and do money fast ; but merely like any other concern type ; joint venture besides holds menace to anyone who wants to come in.

Porter ‘s 5 Forces

Porters fives forces modelA is a theoretical account which is utilizing to analyse a peculiar environment of an industry in footings of Competitive competition, power of providers, power of purchasers, menaces of replacements and menace of new entrants.

Competitive competition:

When come ining to the market, the first thing you have to make is to analyse competitory competition in the state you traveling to put your concern. If entry to an industry is easy so competitory competition will probably to be high. If it is easy for clients to travel to replace merchandises for illustration from coke to H2O so once more competition will be high. By and large competitory competition will be high if:

aˆ? There is small distinction between the merchandises sold between clients. Actually, there is non so much difference between computing machine devices sold in different companies. This means the clients will look for those merchandises which have better quality or long life rhythm of the merchandise, in other words lastingness.

aˆ? Rivals are about the same size of each other. Those companies who are runing as retail merchants merely, will confront a large problem against large companies. The purchasers prefer to work with best, good known companies who provide stableness and assurance to them.

Power ofA providers

Suppliers are besides indispensable for the success of anA organisation. Natural stuffs are needed to finish the finish merchandise of the organization.A SuppliersA do hold power. This power comes from: A

aˆ? If they are the onlyA supplierA or one of fewA suppliersA whoA supplyA that peculiar natural stuff.

aˆ? If it dearly-won for theA organizationA to travel from oneA supplierA to another

aˆ? If there is no other replacement for their merchandise.

Power of purchasers

Buyers or clients can exertA influenceA and control over an industry in certain fortunes. This happens when:

aˆ? There is small distinction over the merchandise and replacements can be found easy.

aˆ? Customers are sensitive to monetary value. The pricing should non be high, it must accommodate their outlooks. The overall life concerns in Brazil are low, this means we have to place the monetary values in relation to the clients, are they able to purchase our merchandises. If the monetary values will be high, the client will exchange to another merchandise or company which is non dearly-won for them.

Menace of Substitutes

This is about the alternate merchandises that clients can buy over your merchandise that offer the same benefit for the same or less monetary value. Menace of replacement is high when the monetary value of your Personal computer is higher than your rival ‘s monetary value, or when rivals decide to cut the monetary values of their merchandises. In this industry, we can state that there is high competition, so this can convey to losing clients because clients sometimes are willing to replace and compare the merchandises or companies itself.

Menace of new entrant

The menace of a newA organizationA come ining the industry is high when it is easy for an organizationA to come in the industry.

AnA organizationA will look at how loyal clients are to bing merchandises, how rapidly they can accomplish economic system of graduated tables, would they hold entree toA providers, wouldA authorities legislationA forestall them or promote them to come in the industry.

Actually, there is high chance that other companies will come in the market and will vie with you in the market.


Making concern in Brazil may be really profitable to the international companies. All the factors that may impact the concern are positively impacting the concern. Personal computer industry is developing on Brazil. And there are many drivers to get down your ain concern in the Brazil.

International companies have advantage over the local companies, as they are undervalued and in demand of restructuring, capital and engineering. There is originative and flexible labour force, which is non expensive comparison to other states. Growth potency of consumer market is really high. Denationalization in late phases, rising prices is under control in the last 10 old ages. There is increasing globalisation and international trade. Foreign investors are eligible for most available financial inducements. And established transit webs such as railroads, main roads, ports make it easy to run in Brazil.


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