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November 21, 2018 Geography

Tourism impacts to the countryEnvironmental ImpactPositiveFlora and FaunaTahiti island is famous of its environment and attract tourist have a visit in this place. Most of the tourist are concern about environment problem and have to experience the unique environment. First of all, the flora and fauna as the important resources for the tourist and local. This is because some of the local plants or animals have to move from other places such as South America to the Tahiti Island such as sweet potato and become more precious by the local and tourist. Besides, the fruit bat, or called “flying fox” and some species of insect are the only animal habitat in the Tahiti islands. The animal are become the special attraction to the tourist as its represent to rare species in this islands. Actually, the variety of flora and fauna become the most attractive for the tourist to have an eco-experience and for the local to protect in the year by year. Hence, the government has to improve the protection of the flora and fauna by some way that suitable for. Because of the tourist visited, the flora and fauna became valuable. Thus, the government has to enhance the law and rules for the tourist such as Figure 1Weather and ClimateIn fact, Tahiti Island is the tropical holiday destination for the tourist who loves to travel in the summer and warm weather. This is because the geography of Tahiti become it have the major advantage from the other islands. The climate of Tahiti is in types of marine tropical and it represent it is hot and humid. Yet, it wills not in a too hot condition therefore tourist could travel in the comfortable environment. In the other hand, Tahiti Island is in the two season that are dry season and rainy season.https://www.travelonline.com/tahiti/weatherhttps://www.frommers.com/destinations/french-polynesia/in-depth/environmenthttps://xdaysiny.com/top-things-to-do-in-tahiti-french-polynesia/


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