Environmental Science Chapter 18 Review Essay

September 22, 2017 General Studies

Chapters 18-1 & amp ; 18-2 Review
Section 1 Review –
1. List six signifiers of renewable energy. and compare the advantages and disadvantages of each. Professionals: 1 ) Passive solar warming may keep a great advantage for a householder if there is dependable sunshine that is able to reflect into the place and create heat. Besides. it will cut down energy measures in their liquid even when the Sun is non reflecting.

3 ) Wind power is inexpensive. clean energy that is the mean family. 2 ) Active solar heating systems have the advantage of hive awaying heat in basically free once the substructure is paid for. 4 ) Biomass fuel is in abundant supply and can change over waste into energy.

5 ) Hydroelectric energy may be expensive to construct. but are cheap to run. Unlike fossil fuel workss. hydroelectric dikes do non let go of air pollutants into the ambiance that cause acid precipitation. They besides last longer than most other workss. 6 ) Geothermal energy is about entirely emanation free and can be built belowground.

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Cons: 1 ) Passive solar warming may merely be seen as an effectual usage of power if the clime is able to supply plenty sunshine. 2 ) Active solar warming programs are expensive and in most countries. an active solar system will be unable to capture adequate sunshine to replace the warming and electrical systems in a house. 3 ) Wind power can be a failed energy beginning. for air current is inconsistent. unsteady and unpredictable. 4 ) Biomass fuel is dearly-won to bring forth and needs a infrastructure of fossil fuel for production and usage. It can ensue in habitat loss. deforestation. and harmful air pollution. 5 ) Hydroelectric energy is straight related to how much H2O is available. therefore potentially doing a drouth. They besides relate to intercessions in nature due to damming of H2O. changed H2O flow and the building of roads and power lines. 6 ) Geothermal power is besides expensive to obtain and must be managed carefully so that it is non depleted

. 2. Describe the differences between inactive solar warming. active solar warming. and photovoltaic energy. Passive solar energy uses the sun’s energy to heat something straight while active solar warming and photovoltaic energy utilizations energy from the Sun that is gathered by aggregators.

3. Describe how hydroelectric energy. geothermic energy. and geothermic energy pumps work. Hydroelectric energy is produced by heating up H2O to bring forth steam. which so spins the turbines and generates electricity. Geothermal energy is created when steam rises through a well and drives turbines. which generate electricity. The remnant liquid H2O is so pumped back into the hot stone. Geothermal energy pumps are used so when the land is warmer. the heat is transferred from the land to warm the house and when the land is cool. heat is transferred from the house to the land to chill the house. 4. Explain whether all renewable energy beginnings have their beginning in energy from the Sun. Merely a little fraction of the sun’s energy reaches the Earth. However. this energy is adequate to power the air current. works growing. and the H2O rhythm. So about all renewable energy comes straight or indirectly from the Sun.

Section 2 Review –
1. Describe three alternate energy engineerings. and place two ways that H could be used as fuel beginning in the hereafter. Three illustrations of alternate energy engineerings are tidal power. ocean thermic energy transition. and solar chimneys. Tidal power is when the tide rises. H2O flows behind a dike and when the tide falls. the H2O is trapped behind the darn. When H2O in the reservoir is released. it turns a turbine that generates electricity. OTEC is when warm surface H2O is brought to a furuncle in a vacuum chamber. The boiling H2O produces steam to drive a turbine that generates electricity. Solar chimneys use the nursery consequence to bring forth traveling air that escapes through a cardinal chimney where air current turbines make electricity. Hydrogen can be burned as fuel. for it does non incorporate C. so it does non let go of pollutants associated with firing fossil fuels and biomass. Hydrogen isotopes can besides be used in a controlled atomic merger reaction. 2. List as many ways as you can for persons and communities to conserve energy. – Replacing visible radiation bulbs with new energy efficient theoretical accounts – Adjusting the temperature of your place while off or kiping – Wash vesture with cold H2O

– Install low-flow showerheads and spigots
– Turning out visible radiations in vacant suites
3. Describe the difference between energy preservation and energy efficiency. Energy efficiency is the per centum of energy put into a system that does utile work while energy preservation means salvaging energy.

4. What factors influence a person’s pick to conserve energy? Factors that may act upon a person’s pick to conserve energy are to assist lower their energy measure and assist the environment.


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