Equality and Diversity Essay

August 22, 2018 Geography

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Name: Claire-Louise

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1. What is meant by diverseness?

Diverseness means differences such as different spiritual beliefs. different cultural traditions. music. art. dancing etc. In the context of society and civilization. diverseness is normally mentioned in discoursing multicultural societies.

2. Describe the community you live in. Highlight some of the fluctuations you may detect in footings of:
• Interests
• Beliefs
• Ages
• Life styles
• Personal. societal and cultural individualities.

The country I live in I don’t truly cognize if there Is anyone who doesn’t believe in God there is a church but its closed even on Sundays there isn’t that much in my country there is a topographic point to idolize its rather large there are ever a batch off people traveling but I don’t know any there are all from other local countries where there is nowhere to idolize.

3. Explain how the fluctuations in inquiry 2 contribute to the diverseness of the community.

Because if there is topographic points to idolize you can do some more friends. brings the community together more. Lashkar-e-Taibas you run into new people. run into the people who liver in your country who possibly have the same beliefs or same faith as you. I have experienced something like this before to see what it was like for other faiths meeting we went every Saturday to this Senegal in Whitley bay with a group of Muslims we wore the same apparels as them and lived like they did for a few hours it’s a great experience it makes you gain that everyone is the same and you shouldn’t judge people we found out how difficult it was to be a Muslim. like what there non aloud to eat and imbibe during fasting is the difficult clip.

4. Give some illustrations to explicate how diverseness:
• Enhances your life:
• Enhances the local community
• Enhances this state.

5. Describe what it means to esteem people’s differences and why it is of import to esteem differences.

Because they may experience like at that place non wanted ever retrieve the stating every one is equal and the same ne’er justice person by looks or civilization because YOU don’t cognize how difficult it might be for them they walk past people in the street think off the names they get called it may non be at that place ain state but non all faith are the same some people are good and bad but you cant blasted whats happened with the bad people on the good people because its non there fault they ever get mistreated and judged for no ground.

6. For a individual you know. depict the single factors that make him / her who they are.

7. Describe yourself in footings of:

• Personal involvements

My personal involvements are music I enjoy making beating. I have a lesson one time a hebdomad. I besides enjoy animate beings we have a serpent 2cats and 2 Canis familiariss.

• Religion / civilization

I’m non a spiritual individual I don’t truly cognize what to believe as I have heard a batch in the yesteryear.

• Geography.

8. What is meant by holding multiple individualities? Give three illustrations in relation to people you know.

Example 1: My brother has a multiple individuality because when he is with his friends he does non talk to me but when its merely me and him he’s truly gabby.

Example 2: when there is a sad or chilling film on I mask my feelings by express joying at it. Alternatively of shouting or being sad

Example 3: one of my friends thinks she is difficult in forepart of her fellow

9. What is meant by shared individuality?

Shared Identity is when any one individual has many specifying features and qualities. It is more so probably that the individual will hold the same features as one or more other people. So when people have a characteristic in common its known as a shared individuality. ( like twins )

10. Explain and give illustrations of how an person can place themselves as belonging to a figure of different groups. who we are depends upon where we are at school. at place. at grandmother and at work. who we are depends upon who we are with.

11. Describe yourself in footings of your multiple individualities.

12. What is meant by pigeonholing and labelling?

Stereotyping is where you judge people because of who they are possibly if there non the same as you for illustration ( cheery – people may believe that all tribades are butch. )

13. Explain why some people stereotype others.

Small minded people oftern steryotype others because they have ne’er ventured out off there ain small country and seen the existent universe.

14. Supply two illustrations of the detrimental effects that pigeonholing and labelling can hold on people.

15. Supply at least two illustrations of the manner stereotyping is perpetuated in society.

16. Define bias and favoritism.

17. Explain how people may develop biass.

18. Describe the undermentioned types of favoritism.

19. What is meant by the term protected features?

20. What is the difference between direct and indirect favoritism? Give two illustrations to exemplify your point.

21. Describe the effects that favoritism and bias can hold on people.

22. Describe what equal chances means in relation to:
• Education
• Housing
• Healthcare
• Employment.

23. Sketch the inequality jobs that persist in footings of wage for work forces and adult females.

24. Identify and briefly describe two other marks of inequality.

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