Equipping Secretarial Students with Information Technology

November 21, 2017 Information Technology

PROJECT PROPOSAL DEVELOPING STRATEGIES FOR EQUIPPING SECRETARIAL STUDENTS IN MODERN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY FOR EFFICIENT SECRETARIAL AND MANAGEMENT PRACTICE IN CAPE COAST POLYTECHNIC. INTRODUCTION Information Technology – “now as vital as the air we breathe” as one observer says – is the major revolution of our time. Rolling inexorably, forward it is redefining entire industries, changing the nature of work and leisure, altering conventional meanings of time and space. These days, telecommunications is now taking new forms. Everyone appears to be moving beyond the personal computer.

Companies are launching a slew of simplified electronic devices that do only one or two tasks such as checking e-mail or surfing the web. Cell phones, palm computer and information appliances are now being produced that one can use not only for communicating but also for surfing, shopping and banking. The Internet has become more and more a personal resource, from getting help with advancing careers and finances to finding relationships and spirituality. It is this kind of revolution of our time which has over the past five to ten years transformed secretarial and management practice in various organizations in Ghana.

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Though Ghana is still on its way to embracing most of the sophistication of information technology, yet a lot is taking place in most organizations. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM There is no doubt in these modern times that secretarial and management practice is the pivot around which all work in an organization revolves. In terms of communication, especially the work of the secretary/administrator stands supreme. However in almost all secretarial and management training schools, polytechnics and even the universities, not much innovation in terms of the use of Information Technology is imparted to students.

In some schools, a one semester programme is introduced, in some others, an introduction to computers and in some others, some selected software programmes are taught. It is in view of this shortfall in training secretarial and management students that this research aims at assessing secretarial students’ readiness for meeting modern challenges in Information Technology and developing strategies for equipping them appropriately. OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY The study will find out among others the following: 1. the kind of training in information technology acquired before employment 2. he type of training required to meet current standards in using information technology. 3. design strategies for equipping secretarial students to meet modern demands in secretarial practice. 4. make recommendations for appropriate information technology training for secretarial practice. ORGANISATION OF THE STUDY The study will be organized into five chapters. Chapter one will include short background to the study, the problem statement, objectives, significance of the study, brief profiles of the selected organizations, scope of the study, and organization of chapters.

Chapter two will review related literature on the topic. Chapter three will deal with methods of data collection and sampling techniques employed. Chapter four will present the research findings and the final chapter will cover the summary, conclusions and recommendations. METHODOLOGY DESIGN The study will be conducted as a field survey using the descriptive method. DATA COLLECTION The study will employ the use of primary and secondary sources of data. The use of questionnaires and interviews. POPULATION

The study will look at selected organizations in Cape Coast and Takoradi which are very advanced in information Technology. This will cover five private Organizations and five Government assisted organizations. DATA ANALYSIS Data will be analyzed using appropriate statistical methods. The use of simple percentages, tables, comparative analysis software etc. , will be employed. SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY It is expected that, results form this study will benefit primarily, teachers of executive secretarial practice in adopting new strategies to train their students.

Results from the study will also be an eye opener for secretarial students in accepting the challenge to be well equipped in Information technology. Strategies developed to bridge the gap will reorient Directors and personnel managers to feel confident in employing future well-trained secretarial staff. Finally, results of this study will help to put principals and other heads of secretarial institutions on their toes to ensure that secretarial students are ready to embrace the challenges of modern information technology. BUDGET COVERING THE RESEARCH NO. |ITEM |DESCRIPTION |COST | |1. |Personnel |2 Office Clerks for 6 months at GH? 150 | GH ? 1,800. 00 | | | | | | |2. |Logistics | Stationery – A4 Reams, foolscap sheets, pens, pencils etc. |GH? 250. 0 | | | |, | | | | | | | |3. |Administration and Running Cost |GH? 150. 00 a month X 18 months | GH ? 2,700. 00 | | | | | | |4. Traveling, lodging and feeding(for| | GH? 1,500. 00 | | |the period) | | | | | | | | | |Miscellaneous Expenses | | | |5. | |GH? 500. 00 | |6.. |TOTAL | | | | | | |GH? 6,750. 00 | ` M. B. ABAKAH (MRS) (LECTURER) PROJECT PROPOSAL IMPROVING STUDENTS’ PERFORMANCE IN MANAGEMENT USING CASE STUDIES AT CAPE COAST POLYTECHNIC INTRODUCTION


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