Ereic Schlosser

July 5, 2018 General Studies

Your FINAL RESEARCH ESSAY will involve working with at least 4 sources, in addition to Schlosser’s “Global Realization. ” You are required to work with the three resources noted below. In addition to these three texts, you are also required to locate one other text on your own. This assignment has been devised in this fashion (i. e. I have provided some of the sources and asked you to locate two others) to: help you to get you familiar with a valuable academic search database provide you with an opportunity to practice your self-designed searching skills and identifying relevant texts allow you to focus your energies on (eventually) working with the texts (as opposed to spending all your time searching for texts) Locate, Print, and Bring to Class The Four Outside Sources, along with drafts of this portion of your paper ( Three Assigned Outside Sources 1. Gumbel, Peter. Big Mac’s Local Flavor. ” Fortune 5/5/2008. 2. Watson, James. “China’s Big Mac Attack. ” Foreign Affairs. May/June 2000. 3.

Vandana Shiva on McDonald’s, Exploitation, and the Global Economy. Interview – To find Gumbel’s “Big Mac’s Local Flavor” and James Watson’s “China’s Big Mac Attack” ( Go to the campus Library online (http://www. grossmont. edu/library/) – you can get there by going to www. grossmont. edu, and clicking on “Library” underneath “Online Services. ” Then, scroll over “Databases” (on the left hand side) and click on “Database List. Then, of the listed databases, click on “Academic Search Premier. ” Then, conduct your search, definitely checking the “full text” box. You will likely find these texts either by typing in their names, the titles of the articles, or the topics they address. Also bear in mind that the texts are listed chronologically. You will find a link to a full-text version of the article on-line. Click and print each. – To find the specific interview with Vandana Shiva (Vandana Shiva on McDonald’s, Exploitation, and the Global Economy) do a general search on the World Wide Web. REQUIRED One Additional Self-Selected Outside Source Requirements/Tips: – For the reasons we discussed in class, please limit your search to the

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Academic Search Premier online database located on the Grossmont Library webpage as described above (and check the “Full Text” box) AND Google News. – Remember that your objective is to find and represent in your research essay a broad range of perspectives in relation to the argument/topic at the center of Schlosser’s text. Keep in mind the aim of the research essay and refrain from seeking out information that substantiates your pre-existing perspective regarding the validity of Schlosser’s argument. The various perspectives are to inform your own perspective. The better you represent a full range of perspectives and the more that those perspectives complicate your evaluation, the more successfully you will be meet the objectives of the assignment. [pic]


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