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October 3, 2017 Management

Performance direction is one of the indispensable sections of human resource direction. However, there are ever many mistakes in the procedure of direction because the process is controlled by people. Sometimes people use their subjective consciousness to pull off and disregard the standard. Such behavior frequently leads to errors and unjust consequences in public presentation direction. This essay discusses a figure of mistakes in public presentation direction and explains the grounds for them. Then several solutions are put frontward and evaluated.

In modern human resource direction, public presentation direction is a important and strategic procedure because it will impact on the development of the organisations [ 1 ] and the person. First of wholly, the directors can judge the occupation public presentation of a individual who works in their organisations through public presentation assessment and recognize what can be improved. In the procedure of public presentation assessment, the rating that is made by the directors is the chief cause of obtaining the assessment consequence. The directors collect the information of working accomplishment of the staff through a figure of methods, such as meetings and questionnaires. Harmonizing to the analysis of these informations, the directors so decide whether the public presentation of the employee is efficient or non. Therefore, it is can be seen that the attitude of the directors play a decisive function in the process of public presentation direction. Furthermore, an impartial and just result of public presentation study is of import for the staff and organisation. There is a relationship between the employee ‘s public presentation and their wage, calling, and developing chances [ 2 ] . Meanwhile, the organisations ‘ intent can be achieved if the whole employee ‘s public presentation is good plenty [ 1 ] . When the staff do their best and lend their energy to their calling, more net incomes will be created and the developmental velocity of the organisations will be increased. Therefore, a just and sensible assessment consequence is important to both the staff and the organisations.

However, there are several issues in the public presentation direction procedure caused by the subjective construct of the directors. Furthermore, the elaborate grounds for them are different.

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First, the directors normally confuse the different facets of the public presentation. In other words, unrelated facets of the assessment standard, but non the existent accomplishment of work, can impact on the directors ‘ determination [ 2 ] . In the public presentation direction, different places should hold different assessment standards. However, possibly the directors ignore these of import standards because of the feelings of the employees ‘ other features. Measuring the public presentation of two salesmen is a instance in point. If one of them has a clearer visual aspect and is better at pass oning with clients, he will possibly experience that has a better public presentation in his work. Conversely, another individual who has a hapless visual aspect and communicating accomplishments will be considered that his accomplishment is worse. Actually, the chief public presentation standard for a salesman is how many merchandises he sells, and non his visual aspect and communicating accomplishments. Therefore, such a public presentation assessment for the two salesmen is unjust.

Second, an employee who has some similarity with their directors may be considered as holding a high public presentation [ 2 ] . The ground for this phenomenon is that this sort of individual is easy to acknowledge and has a good relationship with everyone. A familiar illustration is that, in an organisation, people ever assist the individual who graduated from the same school as theirs. Otherwise, likewise cases happened in a batch of workplaces due to other similar fortunes, like economic background, faith and attitude. In a word, an unjust assessment result will be brought frontward because the directors may prefer some employees who have the same characters.

Third, the mistakes will look if non every director understands the assessment rule clearly [ 2 ] . The ground which leads to such a consequence may be that many directors from different sections work together on measure their employees in the procedure of public presentation direction. However, as the directors come from different sections, they can non grok the appraisal standard of other sections clearly. For case, the human resource director can non understand the work process of the selling section, and so the consequence offered by this director may non be right.

A figure of suggestions are offered when the directors find that these mistakes may impact the development of the organisations. First of wholly, the 360-degree feedback system is proposed to work out these mistakes [ 3 ] . In such a system, the information of the work accomplishment of the employee is collected from different forces all unit of ammunition, such as the director, the co-worker, the clients and the employee themselves. These people put frontward their ain sentiment and advice to the employee who is being appraised. Harmonizing to the information, the directors evaluate the public presentation for their employee. Then, the 2nd effectual step is developing the directors who take charge of the public presentation rating [ 2 ] . The directors who can non understand the assessment standards clearly have to be trained in the state of affairss which can ensue in mistakes. For illustration, the directors can discourse some instances in an unjust state of affairs. Finally, the directors and employees should work together on public presentation direction to vouch the equity of public presentation assessment [ 2 ] . It is important that the employee joins the public presentation direction procedure. If the employees can oversee the procedure and give feedback about appraisal result in clip, the mistakes can be avoided and the result will be more accurate.

To some extent, there are a figure of advantages and disadvantages in such solutions. First of wholly, the 360-degree feedback system may be the most utile method due to its practicality and efficiency [ 3 ] . The first advantage is that jobs and shortcoming can be found because the information from this system is the individual ‘s all-around public presentation. The information gathered from different forces is more complete than earlier because the system can avoid personal prejudice. In add-on, such a system is simple to set up and be accepted by the directors and the employee. Nevertheless, a disadvantage is that more clip and higher costs have to be expended on such a system. Then, developing the directors can be used to anticipate the possible mistakes which the directors can avoid. An advantage is that the intent of such preparation is making an just environment for public presentation assessment. The directors will recognize what the most of import rule is and what information needs to be gathered. Consequently, they can salvage clip to roll up more sufficient informations than earlier. Finally, the last solution is utile for the employee to fall in the procedure of public presentation direction. The employee can be encouraged to look for the drawbacks in their public presentation and better them. However, the job is that such a solution is impractical in fact. Owing to the force per unit area of the employee ‘s superior, possibly the employee does non hold plenty courage to doubt the concluding public presentation result.

In decision, public presentation direction is one of the most important facets which decides whether the endeavor can be profitable or non. However, there will be a figure of mistakes caused by subjective attitudes of the directors and the staff in the executing procedure. It is by and large agreed that the 360-degree feedback is the most effectual solution to work out the mistakes. Meanwhile, there are another two available solutions, developing the directors and promoting employees take part in the direction. These methods can alter the unjust state of affairss in public presentation direction to some extent.


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