escape from reality

December 23, 2016 General Studies

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in Tennessee Williams’s “The Glass Menagerie”.

Each of us approaches problems in our lives in different ways. Each of us devises .

techniques and courses of action to best cope with everyday issues. In his play “The .

Glass Menagerie” Tennessee Williams has created four characters for us to examine.

Although each of them is vastly unique from one another, the author has demonstrated .

how and why all the characters avoid reality. By focusing on fantasy rather than reality .

each character attempts to avoid the harsh the problems in their lives. Their efforts to .

escape don’t remove their problems. They only distract them from them. Tom, Amanda, .

Laura and Jim have all tried to separate themselves from the turmoil in their lives by .

creating fantasy to help them escape reality.

Tom realizes that he has nothing. He is in a dead end life and sees no escape. He .

has a job as a warehouse worker. He believes his job to be well below his calling and .

does not take interest in it. He feels as if he is trapped in this position because of his .

obligations to his family. He lives at home with his nagging, paranoid mother and his .

crippled sister. His father abandoned the entire family and Tom has no hopes of him .

returning. This leaves the burden breadwinner on Toms” shoulders. Tom tries to escape .

reality by going to the movie theaters nearly every night. He uses the movies to fantasize .

Turbessi 2.

about a better life for himself. He imagines himself on great adventures inside the movies.

because he has no real adventure in his own life. In the movies he is the hero. He can .

imagine away all of his problems. The amount of time he spends away from his .

apartment is also an escape from the reality of his nagging mother and dependent sister. .

He escapes to the men’s washroom at work while on break. There, he writes poetry .

which is another outlet to fantasy. Toms” mother Amanda avoids reality in all together .

different ways.

Amanda lives her life by trying to manipulate the lives of her children.


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