Billy Elliot Module C Into the World

November 12, 2016 General Studies

Billy Elliot ??“ ???Into the World??? Module C Speech By Stipan Jezercic

Good morning/afternoon fellow class mates. Today I will be talking to you about growing up and the transition of the film ???Billy Elliot??™ and my related text, a song by Christina Aguilera. ???Billy Elliot??™ relates to the elective ???Into the World??™ as the film is about new possibilities opening up, determination, family support and individual growth. One related text that shows other kinds of transitions into new worlds is a song performed by Christina Aguilera called ???soar??™. With Christina Aguilera??™s powerful vocals and emotionally charged lyrics that make you really think, ???Soar??™ is a wonderfully inspirational song full of meaning.

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The film Billy Elliot is a social drama as it deals with a variety of social issues such as poverty. It is about a young boy who has grown up in a poor community and a world of rules and traditions. During Billy??™s boxing lesson, he discovers that he has a passion in ballet dancing. Contrast is then used by the camera panning past many pairs of delicate ballet slippered feet before settling on Billy wearing his boxing boots. This shot reinforces the idea that Billy is different, and highlights his preparedness to take risks and to stand out. In order for Billy to pursue his journey in dancing, he has to go against his fathers rules and deal with all the rage and frustration he is facing in his current world. Billy realises that dancing will open up his world.

To show Billy??™s determination to succeed, Daldry uses a variety of film techniques to emphasise his strength of character and the frustration he feels when people try to stop him making his transition. The use of doors is a reoccurring symbol representing new worlds or barriers between worlds and used throughout the film. Billy??™s initial sight of the ballet class through the door, and the way he enters the class cautiously symbolises a new world opening up to Billy. Billy??™s determination is one the key elements involved in his last transition into a different world. Realising that his father would not allow him to follow ballet, he attends lessons in secret and practices extensively in his bedroom and wherever else he can have some privacy. The door design is again important with Billy??™s father physically holding Billy back from pursing his pathway into a new world. Many of the doors are shut and he must fight to break these barriers down. For Billy, dance becomes a means of escape from his surroundings and a way out of his closed community and into the larger world. Billy is determined to go against the rules and traditions of his family and forge his way into a new world.

Determination is also used through influential and emotional language in the song by Christina Aguilera called ???soar??? shows and represents the themes of ???into the world??™. When listened to, ???Soar??? makes the listener feel encouraged to go out into the world and finally be themselves. The song gives light to the listener, whichever position they are in personally, it reminds them that they can achieve anything. This is reflective in the singer, who grew up in an abusive environment and managed to escape that world and enter a much more positive world where they can grow and transition which is exactly what the song ???Soar??™ is getting across to. This influential song emphasises that determination is a crucial factor in making their transitions into a wider world of growth and change. It enables the readers to follow the basic idea of the song and feel what the lyrics bring forth. This links in with the idea of Billy??™s determination. ???I don??™t want a childhood, I want to be a ballet dancer??™. This shows Billy??™s determination to work and make more sacrifices in order to achieve his goal.

The need for family support is displayed in Billy Elliot. As determined as he is, Billy can only proceed so far along his chosen path without the support of his family. Jackie Elliot, his father, cannot express what is wrong with boys doing ballet, and instead yells back on his traditional expectations of how boys should behave. ???Lads do football or boxing or wrestling. Not bloody ballet??™. There are rules and traditions and Billy??™s father expects Billy to follow them. Debbie (young ballet dancer) tries to convince Billy that ???plenty of men do ballet??™, and that outside their community is a much larger world, a world where it is much more acceptable for boys to do ballet. This links back to the song by Christina Aguilera when she sings ???what are you waiting for, spread your wings and soar???. This line is repeated throughout the whole song, especially ???spread your wings and soar??? this is used to encourage the listener to go out into the world and make something of themselves the way Debbie is trying to convince Billy to transition.

One of the main themes represented in ???Soar??™ is the theme of ???Into the World??™. This is shown through the song lyrics, how the singer uses her voice to emphasize the meaning in the song and the singers??™ own personal experience which relate to the song as well as the listeners experience as well. During the chorus, it says, ???don??™t be scared to fly alone, find a path that is your own, Which represents the metaphor of choosing a path, something new away from everyone else and taking a journey, which is what the song is trying to communicate that growth and transition is a major issue into a new world. Verse Two uses examples of people who try to fit in, by doing whatever it is to fit in and we see this when billy tries to fit in by doing something he doesn??™t like which is boxing.

A close study of ???Billy Elliot??™ and the related texts ???soar??™ by ???Christina Aguilera??™ shows us that there are many key elements involved in making a successful transition into a new unfamiliar or adult world. It is through using techniques such as symbolism and imagery that we are able to get a clear indication of the issues and themes of individual growth, determination and support. There must be an opportunity to move into the world, but an individual needs determination and family support to be able to take advantage of that opportunity. The song gives a strong representation of ???Into the World??™ by showing how the song gives light to the listener, whichever position they are in personally, it reminds them that they can achieve anything.

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