November 18, 2016 General Studies

In 2010??™s Biodiversity Conference Chris Lee, a major scientist and professor, presented the most important speech of the conference ???taking stock???. This was the opening speech, it was a very general and important overview of the worlds biological state, However using a wide range of language techniques it was also written to ask and remind the various Scientists and Professors who took part in the conference whether or not they feel that they have accomplished their goals since they started action to strengthen, protect and enrich the world??™s Biodiversity in 2002.

Chris Lee uses statistics to add shock value and realisation to the speech, to present raw facts and data to the scientists and professors which will get them thinking about new ways to combat the worlds biodiversity problem. ???… we have lost 35% of mangroves, 40% of forests and 50% of wetlands, and 38% of species are today threatened and 804 extinct.???
That is one example of what Chris Lee uses as evidence and fact. He chooses to display statistics because no one can argue against him since they are true, it also adds support for Chris as his argument is supported by evidence.

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Professor Lee also appeals to the readers emotions and fear of change when he quotes ???As we all well know, our failure to conserve and use biological diversity in a sustainable manner is resulting in environmental degradation, new and more rampant illnesses, deepening poverty and a continuing pattern of inequitable and untenable growth on a global scale.???
This would really help Chris Lee convince the crowd about the current situation and what negative effects it will have on the world if left alone.

Chris throws in a few Rhetorical questions as well, for example when he quotes ??? Has this been a year of celebration of life on earth Has this, in fact, been a year of action???.
Chris Lee doesn??™t want anybody to answer this question because he knows the answer already and it is no. He wants people to realise they aren??™t doing ???enough??™ to fix the Biodiversity problem and we must come up with more complex programs and solutions to regain a healthy biodiversity on our planet earth.
Another Rhetorical question he asks which is similar to the last one is ??? What have WE- what have YOU and YOUR country ??“ actually done since 2002 to contribute to the achievement of our goals???
The speaker wishes to stun and shock and awe the audience into thinking, ???maybe we haven??™t done a lot since 2002???.

Chris Lee is currently still working very hard towards a better biological future for our planet earth, he attends and hosts meetings like the International Biodiversity Conference all the time and wants to make the public know about the situation as well.
The Persuasive language Chris used in this article was very persuasive towards his views and at the end he also quoted the great Thomas Eisner in saying…
???Biodiversity is the greatest treasure we have… Its diminishment is to be prevented at all costs.



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