Blade Runner and Frankenstein

December 22, 2016 General Studies

* Frankenstein and Blade Runner explore future possibilities and ideas of their times; the values and metaphors expressed in these novels continue to resonate with audiences centuries later.
* Victor Frankenstein and Tyrell invent creations in the image of man, without considering the consequences and responsibilities they bestow upon themselves when they turn from mere humans to God like creators.
* Both texts were created in times of new scientific and technological inventions, where the future prospect of creating life seemed in reach, which makes the texts more than just mere science fiction and story telling but in many ways a sort of truth.
* Even in today??™s society, where creating life in the same sense as Frankenstein and Blade Runner may seem impossible, many of the fears and values of the time still hold true and make us in turn question how far we would go to seem god like.
* Both texts begin with the value that each character holds of love, the need to feel accepted and the virtue of family. Both stories begin and end with the main protagonists wanting to feel wanted and needed, not only by the people surrounding them but also by themselves.
* Tyrell sees his creations as perfection, referring to Roy as ???the prodigal son???, he also makes Rachel in the image of his niece. These are both aspects in the story that allows the viewer to see what each character values in their lives, by creating a bond within the characters.
* The value of love and acceptance is also demonstrated in the relationship between Frankenstein and the creation, with Frankenstein viewing his creation as monstrous, never giving the monster a chance to be part of a family, or feel wanted. Throughout the story it is clear that this value is what the Monster holds most dear. He asks Frankenstein for a mate to not be so lonely and also states ???CURSED, CURSED CREATOR! … why did I live. Why in that instant, did I not extinguish the spark or existence, which you so wantonly bestowed ??¦ ??? This quote shows the anger that the monster feels towards being created and left alone. The same value is seen when the creation watches the family in the hut and strives to be included therefore begins learning to read and communicate.
* However these values are not simply seen in the lives of the creations but also transcend greatly to those of the creators.
* Victor Frankenstein begins his story by reminiscing on his youth; he mentions his yearning for those days to return where his parents devoted themselves to him, ???I was their play thing and their idol.???
* These values are seen not only in what is shown but what is not shown. Frankenstein spends most of the time in the novel alone, obsessing over his creation without allowing anyone to truly be a part of his life. This loneliness continues throughout the novel, in turn increasing his desire to go back and have a family. His best friend is murdered, his marriage ends after only a day, and he spends a majority of his time ill and in isolation.
* Another value demonstrated through both texts is the value of technology, and the fear that in the long run more problems are created than not.
* This is proven in both the texts with the creations causing havoc to the community at large and murdering their creators. In Blade Runner, Zhora and Leon are capable of violence; the film reaches an end with Roy killing Tyrell. This same act of violence is seen in Frankenstein, where the creation murders his victims by strangulation, finishing with the murder of Frankenstein on Walton??™s ship. This demonstrates the fear within society that technology is escalating to the point of taking over. In many ways this becomes another value, the value of nature. Both texts express the same concerns, values and warnings. Both texts warn of technology being taken too far in the search for ultimate knowledge, the texts state that ???we must consider the ethics and impact of what is done??? This statement is seen particularly when Frankenstein states to Walton ???are you mad, my friend…. Would you also create for yourself and the world a demoniacal enemy Peace, peace! Learn my miseries, and do not seek to increase your own???

* Through these values proven throughout the texts, expressing what each character values, and strives to achieve, it is clear that although the texts are written in different times, both offer the same warning. They warn of how obsession can take one over. They express the need for each character to feel fulfilled and appreciated, seen when Roy says his final speech ??????I??™ve seen things you people wouldn??™t believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched the sea beams glitter in the darkness at Tan Hauser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time like tears in rain. Time to die. ???

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* Both Frankenstein and Blade Runner demonstrate the importance of love and family, demonstrated in every aspect of both texts. They warn of the destruction one can experience when both creators and creations try to take the place of God. To create things in an unnatural way, and to live life by being more than a mere man.


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