Blood Done Sign My Name

January 9, 2017 Teaching

Blood Done Sign My Name

A ???good life??? is not fulfilling the desires society has designed for one??™s self; but shattering the mold of expectations and possessing the valor to triumph over ignorance. The county of Granville within Oxford, North Carolina, in the early 1970??™s, possessed the barrier of racism which far few could leap over. Well, the exception being the Tyson family. While all members of the Tyson family saw no color when looking at the true divine souls of people, there was one member who went completely against the role society had shaped for her. Martha Buie Tyson had been reared by people who believed that ???white people belonged on top and that white people, especially the better classes, had an obligation to treat blacks charitably and help lift them up, though not to the point of social equality. But [Martha] had grown out of this mold long before the spring of 1970.??? When Mrs. Tyson attended Greensboro College, in the early 1950??™s, she grew immense tenacity and began to think and act on her own thoughts, instead of continuing to see her society??™s iniquitous treatment toward African Americans. Her professors had secretly organized interracial meetings with African American coeds from Bennett College which ???had helped to open her eyes to certain realities on the other side of the color line.??? After the Civil Rights movement had left its print upon American history, even years later, many lay with unchanged hearts; thus, segregation and white supremacy still existed, especially in the south.
Martha Tyson was courageous and an ???independent thinker??? who was able to break free of the environment her parents and most of society still lived in. She was the wife to a preacher and ???was never content to tack her thoughts to the prevailing winds and declined to let the world dictate her opinions,??? thus she pursued a teaching career- causing uproar in Oxford. ???In those days some people at church considered it somewhat disgraceful for a white woman??”especially the preacher??™s wife??”to work after she got married. But [Martha] paid them no mind and remained a consummate professional.???
One who leads a life consisting of treating African Americans as lower chains upon a warped caste system does not have a ???good life.??? Being a preacher??™s wife, Martha Tyson was pressured by her environment to accept the segregation and keep her mouth closed, and it highly disturbed her. As Martha??™s son Timothy wrote, ???Mama read constantly, and her first visit to the local public library gave her a taste of the embattled racial atmosphere in Oxford. She picked up a copy of Jubilee, by Margaret Walker, a black novelist and poet from Jackson, Mississippi. Everyone who worked in the public library was white in those days, except the janitor, and it was segregated, although there were no signs to that effect. When Mama handed Jubilee to the librarian behind the counter, the woman peered over her glasses and said, ???You don??™t want to read that,??? setting the book aside as though my mother were a little child who??™d found a poisonous mushroom. ???I do want to read it, actually,??? my mother insisted, reaching past the librarian for the book. The librarian reluctantly handed over the novel, shaking her head at Mama??™s disreputable choice. ???They tried to segregate your mind,??? my mother recalled of the incident, looking like she wanted to spit.???
It is irrefutably evident that a life flourishing with independent beliefs and a profound devotion to not follow paths tainted by an ignorant society is a ???good life.??? Seizing gallantry and brilliancy to shatter the mold of corrupt expectations formed by a warped milieu is a ???good life.??? It has been said that people are objects of their societies. Instead of following her parents??™ life of ???white supremacy,??? Martha Buie Tyson maintained her own level-headedness and has thus annihilated her family trail of ignorance. Undoubtedly, Martha Tyson led a ???good life.???

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