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January 23, 2017 Information Technology

Boeing uses a sophisticated state-of-the-art information technology infrastructure system that allows for the collection, distribution, and processing of data. There are application tools that are input systems that allow for subsequent processing of the information for a spread sheet, or a digesting of the information for use in another part of the system. (Radha Radhakrishnan, Boeing CIO) The system is a key tool for a communication highway between Boeing employees around the globe. It also allows for publication of security policies and procedures, disaster recovery, and for a connection between senior executives and the people of Boeing. It provides for a venue for in-house training to help keep employees up to date on the latest information that is available directly on a PC and cuts significant costs in travel and time. Additionally, it allows for information collection of monitoring the competition and real time communications transfers of information and subsequent reduction in cycle times of information processes. (Radha Radhakrishnan, Boeing CIO)
Due to the sensitive information and technologies that are involved with satellite technology, the competitiveness of this information in the market and the integral information technologies that have been developed for the rapid flow of data necessary for the design and production, it is necessary for Boeing to put in place data monitoring systems to prevent any information from being transmitted to outside enterprises or any unauthorized individuals to access the information. From a personal perspective, I have family members that are aircraft engineers for the company and they have been issued laptop computers that require the insertion of an ID card and a subsequent entering of a password in order to access information stored on the computers. This system prevents any of the sensitive information to be accessed by anyone other than for whom the information is intended. Without the insertion of the ID card, the computer does not function. I feel that the use of monitoring programs for use of computers that are company property is not unethical. It prevents any misuse of sensitive information and can also allow for management oversight of employee productivity. Quite frankly, if an employee uses a computer that has been provided by the company, there should be expectations that the computer??™s primary function of use is for company business and is therefore subject to any company oversight.

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