Boys of Baraka

March 4, 2017 Education

Boys of Baraka
In the film Boys of Baraka it was taken place in the city of Baltimore and focused on boys name Remesh , Richard, Montrey and Devon. The boy??™s environment was full of violence, drugs abandon buildings that were broken down, many parts of the neighborhood was rundown and constant fighting. Throughout these boys lives they have experienced and lived through the violence day in and day out they believed that because of what they been through this was their perspective of reality. What they had experienced had influenced their behavior because whenever they had gone through something in their life , that experience was placed in their subconscious and played back in their conscious mind which changed their paradigm of life. Social paradigm is the when an experience changes your view in the present and changes your behavior in future events all from what you have been through in the past. In the film Boys of Baraka the environment had impacted the individual and allowed them to change their view of education and not being conscious of what reality.
In the film the boys Montrey, Richard, Remesh and Devon have been living in Baltimore all their lives and become a custom to violence. Devon mother is a drug addict and is in and out of jail but yet he desires to become a preacher in the church and create peace however he is always angry and starts fights. Montrey he desires to become a scientist and wants to go to college for 6yrs to accomplish his goal but yet he is a troublemaker and is suspended from school 8 times in a school year. Richard??™s father is in prison because he shot his mother in the leg and decides he does not want to be like his father in prison for 13 years but to be like his hero Fredrick Douglass. In Baltimore schools they have a hostile educational environment and believe that it is not possible to actually achieve and from this the kids don??™t bother to listen. The environment they are exposed to on a regular basic has acted upon their knowledge and to believe that was reality. It was possible to for them to desire good but their experiences had lead them against what they wanted. From the ???Allegory of the cave??? the prisoners in the cave, their minds were fixed to believe in shadows being reality from their past experience gazing upon shadows on a wall and not being told that this was unreal, but for them this was their knowledge of life. Families of the boys knew the potential of the boys so they decide to release them from the environment and send them away to Baraka school to allow them to discover who they are and not be influenced by any of their surroundings.
The boys are allowed to leave Baltimore and to get a new experience of the world and of themselves. Once they are in Africa they get the chance to experience a new part of society and to hopefully change their paradigms. The recruiter tells the boys that they would get an orange jumpsuit with handcuffs to go along with them and a nice black suit with a brown box with them coming to the Baraka school because it would help them turn their lives around. The recruiter knew that the boy??™s paradigms would be able to change even though their prospective of reality was a downfall but they could make it through their violent community and become something of themselves even though they had a little doubt in themselves. They had fought a little, argued over the fact that they wanted to go home but, they boys were slowly realizing the concept of education and life. It was up to the boy??™s to actually make a change in their life and to get rid of bad influences. Richard being released from the violent environment had allowed himself to finally adjust to the stance that he was not being educated in the right way due to the schools being overpopulated, realizing that he was reading in a 2nd grade level and needed to be like Fredrick Douglass, he knew that if he wanted to succeed in his goals he would have to continue learning how to read and write it would give him access to freedom and he could take control of his life. Devon had also learned that ???life is not fair; it will never be fair by doing what you need to do. Montrey saw that he was smart and he could accomplish anything he put his mind to. Even though they had went through many experiences in a violent community and education lost they were realizing that what they thought was reality was not really what they viewed in their life .Being released from the cave is where the prisoners have a sense of denial in themselves because they believe that their reality of shadows was right, but to find out that they are a human and the shadows were only reflections of an object, he couldn??™t except it until he decided to come out of the influence and change his way of thinking. This is where the boys had climbed the mountain to set out achievements through their first year and to step out of the influence of doubt and being able to conquer your conflicts.
Even though the boy??™s had experienced a new environment in Africa it is not accurate that they would stay out of the influence in Baltimore because many people can move out their position but it??™s not a definitive that they will stay and create a new paradigm and face reality. Finding out that the program was closing made many parents mad because they felt that this was a major step back for their children. Montrey slowly started to realize that he was on his own , the Baraka school had helped him enough they have taught him the value of education and there was more to life than just drugs, jail, and fighting. Richard and remesh felt like it had done them good in their life but they needed more help and from there they began to doubt if they were capable to succeed in the world. Devon started to preach and became the president for his class. The boy??™s paradigms have changed because what they have gone through. Just like when the prisoners were able to return back to the cave, they were able to go back and tell their mates about the truth, the prisoners wouldn??™t accept it because they are still under the influence and they would need to experience it themselves.

In the end in order to change your paradigm you would need to examine themselves and carry yourself to the truth. Coming out of the influence and making a change is hard but once you adjust to the new environment you can be able to make it like Montrey ending up failing BCC but now is perusing a private degree and Devon preacher/ documentary films (the wire).They were able to keep a positive mind and believe that what they were able to accomplish. Unlike Richard and remesh being charged for murder. Our paradigms make us who we are and if you don??™t live out your own experience than you are living in someone else??™s.

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