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The central idea in Joyce Carol Oates short story, ” Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been,” is how being young, pretty and wanting to grow up to fast can get you into bad positions that are almost impossible to get out of. The main character, Connie, is a young pretty teenage girl who has two different life??™s, all she cares about is music and guys but she soon realizes that older guys can and will over power her and put her life in danger. The mood in the story also changes, from Connie being a rebellious girl in the beginning of the story, to a scared helpless teenage girl. These two moods can be musically represented in the beginning by Green Days, “Shes a Rebel” by starting it towards the end of her encounter with Eddie and then closing the story out with Bob Dylans “Its All Over Now, Baby Blue.” Both songs set the mood and tone for both scenes by displaying Connie trying to be the young charismatic teen who finds herself in a predicament where her young age is apparent.
“Shes a rebel, shes a Saint. Shes a salt of the Earth and shes dangerous,” are the opening lines to Green Days, “Shes A Rebel.” The song would fade in after Connie glares at the guy in the gold painted convertible, then she turns back. It appears that she is almost intrigued and he laughs and says, “Gonna get you, baby. (989)” The volume of the music would pick up when Connie turns back around and continues on with her “date” with the new guy Eddie. Continuously playing the song until she arrives back at the movie house five minutes before time and fades out when her father arrives to pick them up. The mood during this time is somewhat of a rebellious one. For example, in this story Connie and her friends ???Sometimes they did go shopping or to a movie, but sometimes they went across the highway, ducking fast across the busy road, to a drive in restaurant where older kids hung out??? (989). Connie is being rebellious by lying to her parents and running across the busy highway just to look ???cool??? for the older crowd and her friends. Connie, only fourteen decides to do what she knows is wrong and goes out with a random guy, also capturing the attention of the “mysterious” boy. Going against what her parents would approve of and what a girl at her age should be doing fits the beginning lyrics, “Shes A Rebel,” while the lyrics “shes a saint??? fits the way she arrives five minutes early to meet her father. She appears in her fathers eyes as a “saint” who did what was expected. Hed never know otherwise that she wasnt at the movies, since he never questions her. The line “Shes dangerous” displays the fact that shes being reckless and going out with a random boy and captivating the attention of strangers. This chance ultimately ends with her greater dismiss, while at the same time she seems pleased with herself on her ride home with her father, as stated in the story.
Connies greater demise begins when she realizes that she is just a child and she needs her parents. The two men who show up at her house while her family is away are men that seem very familiar to her. Once Connie realizes the men are not teenagers she becomes even more startled. The song “Its All Over Now, Baby Blue,” would reflect Connies realization that she is just a child and she needs her parents help. Left with no choice but to subdue to the man Arnold Friends wishes she steps outside and hands herself over to Arnold and his friend Ellie. The tone in this scene is remarkably intense and almost hopeless. The tone of the song seems to match up with the hopeless attitude that Connie feels. The song is slow and melatone just like she is when she realizes her fate. The lyrics have intense meaning and conviction behind them. Connie realizes the intensity of the situation she is in when Arnold begins threatening her family??™s safety and her own. The song would begin to play when Arnold says, “Youre better than them because not a one of them would have done this for you.(994)” By the time Connie makes her way outside and Arnold says “My sweet little blue-eyed girl,” and she realizes that she has no clue what to do, no guidance: ??? She watched herself push open the door slowly open as if she were back safe somewhere in the other doorway, watching this body and his head of long hair moving out into the sunlight where Arnold Friend waited.(1000)??? Connie, now helpless, lets Arnold Friend take over her body and her young teenage soul. In this scene the lyrics “And its all over now, Baby Blue,” would play. These words would represent the reality that Connie was trying to act mature in the beginning and now shes in a situation with only one way out, the wrong way, the hopeless way.
Starting off this movie the attitude would be of a rebellious fourteen year old girl trying to grow up to fast. Having songs like Green Days, “Shes A Rebel,” would demonstrate the free spirit of a young girl trying to grow up too fast and going on misadventures, all while her parents are in the dark, especially her father, and she is able to be viewed as a “saint”. At least viewed as a saint enough to do what is expected of her and not to be questioned about her actual actions. The end of the movie would shift to a further serious tone, where the carefree attitude transforms into a scared, worried one, mixed with an intense, hopeless tone. Connie is a girl who is left without any options, but to follow the only reasonable choice left and leave with the strangers. Bob Dylan sums it up best by singing, “Its all over now, Baby Blue.??? This movie shows how being a rebel can ultimately lead to someones greater demise, like Connie in this story. The attitude overall would be about a lesson learned. That you don??™t always need to grow up too fast and that parents are needed for guidance and protection.

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