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April 17, 2017 Communication

How does Bruce Lundgren explore relationships in his poetry Refer to at least TWO poems that you have studied.
The concept of a relationship varies drastically from person to person. Everyone has different views on this concept because it does not have only one meaning. Majority of minds agree that a relationship entails a connection between two or more people. Usually interactions such as sharing feelings, a general conversation between eachother are involved. However the most significant part of a relationship is the enjoyment of company in mutual respect. The association with one another comes in the form of kinship, romance, marriage, friendship, acquaintances and so forth. Relationships could be ever-lasting or short. But it is true that the type of relationships depend on the kind of people in them.
Bruce Lundgren has explicitly revealed the importance of relationships through his poems. It is the communication in relationships that is vital to learn about each other. This idea is revealed in both poems, My fathers Dahlias and Menagerie a Trois. In respect, one is a parent-child relationship and the other is a man and animal connection. Lundgren has depicted different types of relationships. The two main aspects are positive and negative outlooks. Both poems are sustained by simple but captivating poetic techniques such as symbolism, sound techniques, personification, similes and rhythm.
Lundgren begins with his spectacular poem, My Father??™s Dahlias with symbolism. The poet reflects over his past and he signifies that the dahlias with ???spiked??™ and ???rigid heads??™ reminds them of his father??™s appearance. His father is also represented as being conservative when describing the dahlias, ???standing in precise and ordered rank.??™ ???Sad parable??™ has the term referring to a biblical allusion. This quote indicates that the truth of relationship between the father and son has gone astray. Also indicates the father to be ignorant from love like neutral dahlias. These negative connotations give a sense that the father and son, has a stubborn relationship. Hence some relationships could be pitiable as to the cause of poor responsibility of an individual in the tied connection.
The composer has taken into account the strong representation of the dahlias. Dahlias are flowers that need a lot of nurturing and time for growing. The father is seen to take on this duty. He takes the effort to tie up the dahlias onto the ???splintered stakes.??™ This shows that he is reluctant to offer his valuable time for the flowers instead for his son. The sound techniques of sibilance evoke this. ???Soaking rainbow sprays??™ gives a vivid visual image to express the father??™s enjoyment. In response, the poet feels frustration as expressed in assonance, ???ugly tubers up.??™ He further describes the dahlias as being grotesque??™ a word that is exaggerated beyond disgust. This is to signify the repulsion of the poet over the dahlias. It shows the relationship between the son and the father to be unstable because of the dahlias. Relationships may involve one side to not reveal overt feelings to the other.
The responder takes on the insight of the communication between the father and the son. Lundgren expresses himself in the flowers, ???bright nasturtiums, rollicking weeds??¦??™ These are juxtaposed to the dahlias in order to imply his loathing over the dahlias for they get all the attention. When the father turns his ???sun-browned back??™ on the flowers, the poet feels a hint of rejection. This is portrayed in ???arrogant anarchy of lantanas,??™ involving personification as well as sibilance. As a response, the composer feels a great disappointment revealed in the ellipsis of contemplation. Thus, the bond reveals that some relationships, may involve hidden emotions which result to unhealthy interactions.
Furthermore, the poet reveals that the relationship is a discontent. In the rhetorical question, ???should I perhaps have joined the dahlias standing there??™ implies that the poet yearns and desires to obtain his father??™s attention. Overall, this technique coincides well with the free-verse layout as it reinforces that his relationship is dissatisfaction. The responder is taught from MFD that a father and son relationship is not always strong.
However, in Menagerie a Trois a free-verse poem, Lundgren reveals a different type and perspective of relationships. As notably in the title, a pun has been played. The two meanings which are three varieties of animals and a threesome relationship spark humour and jocularity. The responder is able to obtain that a light and close relationship is going to be told as the colloquialism is used. ???I was picked up,??™ uses a casual tone, ???by a canine couple,??™ alliteration, reinforces the absurdity of an individual to be accepted by dogs. This type of relationship is expressed to be optimistic, such that the techniques correspond to a catchy rhythm. Other relationships can engage someone or something to be dominating than the other.
Lundgren appears to depict the inner relationship amongst the canines. The dogs are contrasted to one another. One is described by the simile, ???like an affable pirate,??™ and the other ???dingo-like??™. This creates a bizarre but an intrusive image. These dogs are not suited in appearance but they get on very well as a couple. These dogs are presented with positive connotations such as ???polite wag??™ as they accepted the poet to join the stride. The depiction of welcoming and recognition are all affirmative aspects of relationships. Relationships do not have to require intimacy but friendliness is usually approached.
Moreover, the poet employs more humour to emphasise that his relationship with the dogs is a fond experience. Anthropomorphism is used, as the dogs ???adopted me [poet].??™ The word ???adopted??™ associates with someone who is older that accepts another to be by their side. Hence, this is showing the closeness of the animal and human relationship. ???We walked, we three,??™ is inclusive but also a repetition of the ???we??™ to highlight the importance of their time together in a suddenly-met relationship. The interaction is conveyed to be of comfort and openness given in, ???companiable silence.??™ The poet does not need to have a conversation with the dogs or share feelings with each other, but rather they enjoy each other??™s company. Thus, not all relationships involve a full knowledge between individuals.
It is to be encapsulated that MFD and MT are a complete contrast to one another through understanding the concept of relationships. Responders are able to adapt impelling messages from those of Lundgren??™s two poems. Relationships do not require principles or rules and they do not only have to be amongst humans but animals too. These connections help individuals to express one??™s feelings as portrayed in MFD and also lets one discover more about the other. Lundgren has taught that relationships often involve communication but not so much as in MFD. The type of relationships depends on what kind of an individual is and what stage they are in.


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