Brunos Father Boy in Stripped Pjames

April 18, 2017 General Studies

BrunoWhat picture emerges of Bruno??™s father up to (page 74 chapter 7)
Aim: What picture emerges of this character up to page 74
SMSC: form an opinion of my own and justify it

The author didn??™t say much in the beginning of Bruno??™s father but decided to build this character up. Bruno??™s father seems to be very much into his job. When Hitler came to dinner with them, Hitler did not ask him to go to a higher position, I feel he had the eager to impress him, showing him what he could do, but at the time didn??™t think about his family??™s opinion and was under pressure and was selfish not to ask his wife who should of had a say in it. Along with that he seems to be a work addict. Blinded by his work and has no time for his family, accept when he does get that father and son moment with Bruno and Bruno asks him a question ???Who are all those people outside???And the father responds by saying ???Those people… well; they??™re not people at all Bruno??? He is a true Nazi and is raising Bruno as one too, and putting things in his mind, as if giving Bruno more fuel, and not thinking that he has made Bruno even more curious to find out, who they really are if their ???not people??? The father also seems to be a very intimidating person and has no respect for others or his wife, and thinks nothing of Maria and she??™s maid and that??™s all she will ever be ???You take your hands off my things.??? Aside from that, he is also a very caring man and generous, ???Your father is a good man, there are many things that your father has done many things of which you should be proud, and your father took me in when I needed help??? claimed Maria. Obviously he is caring about others and also about his family ???He takes good care of all of us??? he has brought them out in the middle of nowhere but for their own good, to make sure their safe. In conclusion Bruno??™s father might not be the happiest guy and might not be the most considerate but I think that he might not show how much he care??™s about his family, and also cares about his country too.

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