Evaluate a Range of Ways to Embed Elements of Functional Skills in Your Specialist Area

November 28, 2016 Health

Karen Mitchell
Task 5
Evaluate ways to embed elements of functional skills in our specialist area
Functional skills are important as they essential elements of everyday life, by embedding functional skills i.e. English, maths and ICT it will give the learner with the skills and knowledge to work effectively and independently. The new Functional skills qualification focuses on problem solving and choosing and working out ways to solve them. But trying integrating all three core elements in the problem and related to your subject. By relating it to subject they are taking will make it more interesting and the learner won??™t feel like it a separate subject to their chosen one. Examples of how i could achieve this in my area would be:
* When mixing colours develop an activity on ratio??™s and the working out, or practically carry out a task on mixing colours and talk about the ratios and measurement.
* When carrying out colouring ask learners to look at timing and to use a timer. and calculate times.
* Addition and multiplication tasks when cashing up.
By embedding English it will raise their standard and ways to do this could be :
* Reading of manufactures instructions when using any product or equipment.
* Skimming and scanning when revising
* Writing and listening when carrying out consultations.

ICT will be included by the use of computers when sitting on line Gola tests. Also use of the computers for research on employment rights or legislations and health and safety.
We could also devise charts for stock taking which also incorporates maths in the workings out of stock usage.

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