Evaluate the Benefits of Using a Holistic Approach to Assessment

December 1, 2016 Health

It is recommended that am assessor uses holistic approach, so then the candidate is comfortable to provide evidence which will make them feel competent and that will lead the candidate to achieve the qualification they want.
To plan holistic approach to assessment the assessor could take some responsibility for collecting and structuring evidence and collects evidence through observation of performance, this is done by this is done by asking questions. The candidate can also collect evidence but must be supported by the assessor, when the candidate collects the evidence they need to get it approved by a colleague or a supervisor, if the assessor is not around.
The risks that may be involved in assessment in own area of practice can be high, it is important for the candidate to make sure an assessment is done in a safe environment. When going out to assess the candidate in their work place its necessary that the assessor has insurance in case of an injury.
Qualification licence. If I was a assess a candidate at a workplace I need to be sure its safe to do so, so before going to assess them they would need the work place to have a fire extinguisher, first aid box, health and safety certificates, liability insurance etc.
If I was to assess the candidate at their work place, it needs to be in a safe environment. The candidate will normally reassure the assessor that it??™s a safe environment. If the assessor asks for the policies and procedures it is important for the candidate to explain it.
If an assessor wants to observe a specific piece of evidence but is unable to because maybe it hasn??™t occurred in any methods of assessment; this is where it??™s important for others to get involved for example the managers or the colleagues. The workers can motivate the learner when the assessor is not around. The workers can act as an expert witness, so when the assessor goes to visit the candidate he/she could provide the assessor with a witness testimony, and this will be put as evidence in the portfolio.

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