Event Segmentation

December 16, 2016 Tourism

Executive summary
Event-Glastonbury festival
Marketing topic-market segmentation
Purpose of report
The Glastonbury Festival aims to encourage and stimulate youth culture from around the world in all its forms, including pop music, dance music, jazz, folk music, fringe theatre, drama, mime, circus, cinema, poetry and all the creative forms of art and design, including painting, sculpture and textile art.
The purpose of this study is to examine marketing strategies in music festival, the research be design as a marketing process with 3 step- segmentation, Targeting and positioning
Firstly, focus on use the market segmentation method, to determine the target segments audiences of Glastonbury.
Secondly, choosing targeting markets, make strategy on targeting these segments
Thirdly, through analysis of? the? music festival industry and links to Glastonbury??™s history, the original position be define. New position be set up according to target segments.
Some? artists? complain that Glastonbury running too big and? lost its? music nature, the GFL face to make a choice to choosing the nature and direction in future plan. In my personal view, Glastonbury must be position as an international fun event with a social conscience,
Provide multiple perform to targeting multiple segments, its final outlet and direction inevitably move towards to multiplication.
Music festival industry is growing rapidly in recent years, so it is imperative that event manager strive to better understand the motives of attendance. For Glastonbury festival organizers should be encouraged to program more free events aimed at the young generation in particular to offer more opportunities for participation in festivals. They should commit to provide a wide range of activities while at music festivals, Let the glasto could developing better continually.


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1. Introduction ??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦3
2. Marketing theme – segmentation??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦.??¦. 4
3 The definition of segmentation.??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦.??¦??¦.??¦5
4 Research design??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦.??¦6
5 Segmentation??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦.??¦.??¦??¦7
5 .1 Criteria for Market Segmentation??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦.??¦..??¦7
5. 2 consumer segmentation??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦.??¦7
5.21 Demographic ??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦..??¦??¦??¦.??¦.7
5.22 Geographic??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦.??¦9
5.23 Psychographic??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦..??¦??¦??¦??¦12
5.24 Behavioral??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦..??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦13
5. 3 business markets segmentation??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦14
5.31 music tourism industry??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦.14
5.32 customer capabilities??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦15
5.33 price??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦16
6. Targeting??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦..17
6. 1selecting the target segments??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦.??¦17
6. 2 targeting strategy??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦.17
6.21 market area??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦…17
6.22 separate the market into distinct segment??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦18
7. Position ??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦….19
7.1define the position??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦.19
7.2 position strategy??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦…20
8. Recommendation ??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦..??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦…..21
9. Conclusion??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦22
10. Appendix??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦..23
11. Reference??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦.25
1. Introductions
In 1970, farmer Michael Eavis organized a small music festival on Worthy Farm, his dairy farm located near a national landmark, Glastonbury. His first gathering of 2,500 people began with music, art, free expression and free milk. In the thirty-eight years since the event has grown to become the Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts (GFCPA), Today this festival attracts more than 177,500 people who visit the event to enjoy some of the finest names in the music performing at more than 80 stages, Raising millions of pounds for local and international charities, and establishing itself as a largest Greenfield music festival in the world (Knight, 2006).
Glastonbury festival is overwhelming in size and activity with diverse groups of people all contributing to its unique atmosphere.
The festival is held in a fascinating location ??“ Worthy Farm,Glastonbury. It??™s where King Arthur may be buried, where Joseph of Arimathea is said to have walked .The farm landscape where the festival occurs is a context where rich history is woven into the cultural values of contemporary activity. There arent many hotels in Glastonbury provided by the organisers, but there are camping fields that festival-goers can use; when you take part in the Glastonbury festival,you enter a huge tented city, a mini-state under canvas. It is probably this which forms the most amazing part of the experience of the audience. The festival starts on the Friday and ends on the Sunday night, but most of festival-goers are willing to arrive much earlier, to set up their tents and relax themselves with other music fans in a green field. Now days, Glastonbury Festival has become a cultural beacon, an internationally recognized brand for the UK??™s creativity.

First Glastonbury 1970s Glastonbury 2011
2. The marketing theme choose
Why events needs do marketing management
Whether it??™s big or small, to organize an event always require planning and preparation advance, one significant reason is- those social event clients often make strong emotional investments in the event leading to very high expectations that you as the event planner must recognize and manage, so the target markets define should be the first step of event planning, to help the event determine their marketing position. A Mega event as large? as the? Glastonbury? festival is Very similar? with? a mass product-have great? ticket sale and potential customers, and it? has been held for? forty years. Glastonbury festival? TLD need? to some planning of marketing management.
Each event has different character and substance, such as charity? party,? personal? birthday party,? or Shanghai Expo. Glastonbury was the largest Greenfield music over the world; its nature decided? the? audiences of it might be? rock fans, mainly? from Europe,? like? camping. For the event marketing with this size, they should identify the benefits customers want and create the product or service to meet the need. What benefits are customers seeking Quality Low price Convenience In order to determine the target market of Glastonbury, the organizer need to choose a kind of method which be collected with its character. There is no doubt, the market segmentation? will be the most? suitable? choice to help the organizer to better understand the event consumer and marketing more efficient.

3. The definition of segmentation
Market segmentation is an effort to increases a company??™s precision marketing. (Regis McKenna) It help the organizer be able to determine which groups of customers it is best suited to serve and which product or service offers will both meet the needs of its selected segments and raising the competitiveness in this process. For the purpose of winning more market share, therefore, a company must ensure that their offers meet these needs better than other organization at a price they perceive as providing superior value for money
Market segmentation is dividing a larger market into submarkets, a submarket? made up of people with one or more characteristics that cause them to demand similar product and/or services. Segments markets should be accessible to the business and large enough to provide a solid customer base.
Generally, the markets can be segmented on four bases
Geographic segmentation
Demographic segmentation
Psychographic segmentation
Behavioral segmentation
There are variety of factors should be considered, eg.
Age/gender/ income level
Location/density/city size
The general objective of customers segmentation conducted by business organization is to improve the chance of making exchange offers that provide unique value to selected partners, then gaining the best value in exchange themselves fulfilling the specific expectation of different segment of customers. (Mill&Morrison, 1985).

4. Research design
This report aims to make a whole marketing research in Glastonbury festival, to determine the target market of this festival through analysis the consumer segmentation, segmenting the business markets in UK??™s music festival industry. Then define the target market of Glastonbury, following to sum up position strategies for Glastonbury??™s future developing.
The research would be design by three steps
-Market segmentation (Look at the major base for segmenting consumer and business markets)
The secondary date which be used in? this research project mainly be collected from
-Online Reports
-Online Articles
-Online news paper

5. Segmentation
How to use segmentation method fit in Glastonbury festival
5.1 Criteria for Market Segmentation
Glastonbury festival as a cultural products are influenced by audiences??™ tastes and available time,and audiences??™ experiences also have a large impact on consumption(Colbert,2007,P.94). so, the most significant and essential part which should be analysis is consumer segmentation
UK MUSIC is proud to present the most comprehensive study ever undertaken on the power of music as a tourist draw, and to give this a value in economic terms. Many of the UKs music festivals are famous in the world industry. United Kingdom was a place where contains good? foundation and? customer base, and face of strong? competitive at same time, so segmenting business markets would be a essential method to help Glastonbury maintain? the advantage? in market share.
5.2 Consumer segmentation
Objective- groups current or potential consumers with like characteristics or propensities.
Table 1&2 it is shown that from the 17 collected questionnaires write by attendance.

5.21 Demographic
The requirement of Consumers will be changed with age, as the table show, the main attendance of Glastonbury Constituted? by middle-aged? audience 25-34, roughly accounted for 76%, teenager just accounted for 23%, there is no doubts be a bad omen for glasto??™s future.
As the organizers believe that Glastonbury has become too middle-aged and respectable (???This Years Glastonbury,??? 2008). Organizers really need to look seriously at targeting younger audiences in. (Esther 2007)
Table 1.the age contributed of audiences
In order to expand? the age range of? audience, The Kids Field be build, the organizer invited some top names from the world of childrens entertainment to loads of activities in worthy farm for kids of all ages. As observed with other similar events, when families with young children gathered around the stall, this attracted other families with young children.

As the chat show, roughly 65% audiences from Glastonbury are male audiences. Glastonbury? is a? rock? music festival;? male are more? prefer in rock music.? On the other hand, the music? festival? does not provide? accommodation, but arranged the audiences living in? camping? site. Generally, Woman has more requirements with the quality of living environment. But there is one? fact must be? taken seriously, Woman in United Kingdom control or influence over 80% of consumer goods table 2.The gender contributed of audiences
and services, make 75% of the decisions about buying. (Kotler 2009)

Education /social class/generation
The Glastonbury festival started in 1970s, through 40year development, the generation which influenced by this festival might getting into mid-age. According to Gibson and Connell(2005),while classical music,jazz,and opera festival are associated with higher-education and upper-class audiences;Popular and folk music festivals are targeted to middle-class audiences. The conclusion is- the target market of Glastonbury festival might was middle age/class audiences.
Mr Eavis operating a new ticketing system in 1970, after this change, people need to register online and submit a photo when they buying tickets. This? move? brings? unexpected? results that 40% of the tickets for next years event be bought by teenagers,?  Therefore, is not hard to understand, the future trend of Glastonbury will be ageing audience no longer fitted with the stations own target demographic of 15- to 24-year-olds (lower-class).

5.22 Geographic

The Festival takes? in a wonderful place- worthy farm, Glastonbury, England.
Is near by the Glastonbury town -one of the most spiritual places in England and has a fascinating history dating right the way back to King Arthur. Indeed there was a documentary that suggested that Jesus may even have visited Glastonbury to learn more about spirituality. So, besides join music festival, there are also other interesting attractions, especially for Christians.
The festival is taking placed in a huge Greenfield.
In 2000, the site covers approximately 800 acres(Hughes,2000).
But in this year, The Glastonbury site is 1100 acres – more than double the size of the Olympic Park and Alton Towers. the site can now accommodation audiences of up to 250,000people,and became more and more bigger Table 3 Revolution of rock city design
through 40 years development. (BBC 2011).


Table 4 the density ratio of Glastonbury (Gabriella Morrone 2010)
Ratio per person (square feet)

The weather
The Glastonbury Festival is famous for its variable weather conditions. During 40 celebrated in 2010, festival-goers suffered by the glorious sunshine, the high temperatures caused more than hundred tourists got sun-stroke or heat exhaustion, particularly to children audiences. But in 2009, a torrential come with tourists and downpours hitting the festival site, But for tourists, one of fabulous attraction is- Glastonbury often caught in the mud.? However, the weather never made negative impact on the? attendance numbers. Picture 5 People enjoy with mud (Metoffice 2011)
Roughly 1/3 of all ticket holders now prefer come to the site on trains, bus and other types of public transport.
5% oversea audience choose by air
Since 2004,in order to reduced the carbon footprint, Glastonbury Festival has work hard to encourage people use public transport. Table6. The transportation usage rate
In 2007, the number of public cars on site declined from 60,000 in 2000 to 36,000.
This year, the organizer announce the launch of some new initiatives to encourage Festival-goers to come by bicycle, especially in connection with People who live in Bristol or one of 30 towns within 20 miles of the site,

|table 7 the region contributed |table2 |
|of Glastonbury festival | |
| |As the table 1 show,every year, there are 3.4million tourist come to uk for purpose of music festival |
| |,Accounted for? 48% of whole? music tourists market in uk. According to the table 2, we can see the |
| |great majority of music tourist are UK residents,only 357 thousands oversea visitors come and just |
| |accounts for 5%. |

Table 7 Source from: http://www.ukmusic.org/assets/media/UK%20Music%20-Music%20Tourism.pdf

5.23 Psychographic
Motive statement
| |The music/artists playing ranked further down the table |
| |for Glastonbury and only accounted for 12.9% of the total |
| |responses. Atmosphere and socializing were the main |
| |motives for attending Glastonbury, both with 19.4%, with |
| |reputation/involvement a close second. These are |
| |interesting findings as they more motivate by these |
| |intangible factors. Means event organizers should not |
| |focus their attention only on the musical content of the |
| |event. |
| | |

Table 8 motive statement of audiences
Life stage-Leisure versus Normal Life

A number of the informants referred to the festival experience as being something separate from their normal, daily life. People come to Glastonbury alone or with friends just set up their tents, and enjoy the music, enjoy the unique atmosphere in here.
Personality traits
Plog(1987)identified dimensions used commonly in psychographics-based tourist segmentation. After analysis the motivation of audiences, they are mainly? divided into? the following categories
People orientation [19.4% socializing with friend/family] Masculinity [19.4%atmosphere] Intellectualism [16.1%reputation 12.9% artists] 5.24 Behavioral segmentation
Occasions: people who take part in Glastonbury festival usually related to
? Music fans
? Camping life
? Environmental organizations
? Big star
? Family /with child
? Socializing
? Escape from normal life

Decision role/attitude (Kotler 2009)
Initiator/ Enthusiastic& Positive: music fans/for socializing/ for break away/for atmosphere
Influencer/Indifferent& Positive: people influence by festival??™s reputation or encouraged by friends/families
Decider /Positive& Enthusiastic: oversea audiences
User /Positive/&Enthusiastic: loyalty audiences

5.3 Business markets segmentation
5.31 Industry

[pic] Table 9 the project contributed of music tourist industry
Music tourists- accounted for 42% of event tourism industry
Music festival tourists- accounted for 48% music tourists industry
? The music festival industry was worth ?945m? to the UK economy in 2009. In addition, festivals create thousands of jobs and provide a valuable? boost to UK tourism.
Market capacity of Glastonbury festival in UK
[pic] Table 9 UK biggest 20 festivals VS total market capacity
???I am proud that Glastonbury contributes over ?100 million annually to the economy???
-Michael Eavis/ Founder, Glastonbury Festival

5.32 Customer??™s capabilities

Table 10 UK festival licensed capacity Table 11average UK festival ticket prices
When the first Glastonbury Festival took place in 1970 there were just 1500 people;
Now 40 years later the number of audiences increased significantly reaches to around 180,000 people. (Mendip District Council 2002)
The customer capabilities of festival are? restricted by? license application, the UK festival licensed capacity steadily increasing from 2004 to 2009. As the biggest music festival in UK, Glastonbury festival got a four year license from 2007 to 2010, and they be allowed to extended the capacity of the site to 177,500 audiences.
|Ticket price of Glastonbury festival from |
|2007-2011 |
|2007 |?145 |
|2008 |?155 |
|2009 |?175 |
|2010 |?185 |
|2011 |?195 |

(standard ticket without other fees)
Table 12 ticket prices of Glastonbury festival 2007-2011

The boom in demand for festivals has allowed significant ticket increases to be sustained.
Because the scale of festival become more and more bigger, in order to ensure the quality of festival, the spending of organizers increased , directly lead to ticket price raised? within reasonable limits.
Key costs of organizer (Glastonbury Festivals Limited 2002)
Artist fees
Waste management & recycling
Security & policing,
Health & safety
Transport has risen at an unprecedented rate

6. Targeting
6.1 Selecting the target market segment.
As the result of consumer & business market segmentation
The target market of Glastonbury should be
< Young people between 15-24 year olds ???hip-op generation??™(UK resident &Oversea music tourists ) < Interesting in camping ,rock music and variable weather < People who wondering to Escape from normal life and socializing with friends&family with this unique atmosphere < Who belong to Intellectualism /People orientation/Masculinity type in personality traits < Have enthusiastic& positive purchase attitude 6.2 Strategies 6.21 Market Area Segmentation and marketing can be carried to illogical extremes, it can be a complex and expensive process, requiring extensive market research and analytical expertise, a more practical approach to segmentation is needed. (D.Getz) | |Local |Regional |Overseas tourist | |Key target segments |-Families and general audience |-public transportation groups |-hip-op generation | | |-locals who live in Bristol or |-in decision role of Initiator |-by air tour groups | | |one of 30 towns within 20 miles|and influencer |-seasonal residents | | |of the site |- with Enthusiastic& Positive |-in decision role of influencer| | |-repeat visitors |purchase attitude |and decider | | |- event participants |- hip-op generation |-with Enthusiastic&indifferent | | | | |purchase attitude | |Marketing needs |-local sponsors |- event tourism, linkage to |- cooperate promotions coverage| | |-community owner ship |other attractions |all media type | | |-free event or price discounts |-cooperative promotions(BBC) |-destination promotions | | |-local news paper and radio |-compatibility with destination|-develop Hallmark event status | | | |themes |- price/special service(bus | | | |- competitive price |from airport to worthy farm; | | | |-predictable date and venue |language delivery )/package to | | | |-targeted advertising in all |encourage oversea tourists for | | | |media |longer stay | Table 13 use market area strategy in Glastonbury festival 6.22 Separate the market into distinct segment Segment marketing consists of group customers who share a similar ser of needs, the organizers needs to produce a more finely tuned product. ??? Alone People came alone also can divided into two types -Escape from normal life -Wondering socializing ??? With family ??? With friends They could create three types of tickets; each type got different promotional topics& bundled products and different price. Alone -Escape from normal life ???Camping, Relax, Freedom??™ Map of? bars and? entertainment venues, Small? flashlight -Wondering socializing ???Join us, Make more friends ??™ Schedule? large? group activities, Pen and? note? paper, Whistle? light sticks With family ???Go to the same music events as your parents??™ Family size camping areas, map of children field, map and contact number of emergency With friends ???Share the tour, share the holiday, and share the fabulous memories??™ Main? site? map? and timetable of show, map of restaurant and bar 7. Position 7.1 position define |Small, homespun event | |In the days of 1970, the Glastonbury festival cost just one pound to enter, and for your money you??™d not only get to laze to | |the trippy sounds of Marc Bolan??™s T-Rex, but drink as much free milk from the cows grazing around you as you could stomach. | |(Steve Henderson) | |Corporate-controlled music festival | |Since 1981, the festival has been organized by local farmer and site owner? Michael Eavis? (through his company Glastonbury | |Festivals Ltd). After 41 years growth, Glastonbury becomes the largest outdoor music festival over the world. | Table 14 the position changes in organization form Original Position As a Greenfield music festival for middle-class, middle-aged audiences 7.2 Position strategy In the future, the Glastonbury festival must be position as an international fun event with a social conscience Their? selling point? is not just? music, but? multiple arts. Glastonbury festival offered over 700 Acts playing 80 stages, the performances they provide including music, entertainment, cabaret, dance, performance art, comedy, film and theatre. It is more like? a theme park;? people can? enjoy the? performances? according to their own preferences, It no longer just a music festival, More like a? mega social event. According to the? survey, since the organizer choose to selling tickets by phone, teenager The Times newspaper that cruelly declared Glastonbury as suited to the ???the hip-op generation??™ buyers? accounted for? 40% of? whole? ticket selling, If Glastonbury wants to keep its unique position, the organizers really need to consider seriously at attract more younger fans in Coincidentally, the original generation segment grow up with Glastonbury festival might belong to the ???baby boomer??™ for current teenagers, some of young people thought it was ???cool??™ to go to the same music events as their parents. For this reason, more consumption of family and youth are been built at same time. Social conscience ? As the largest outdoor music festival, ???green festival??™ was the first principle which Glastonbury should persist, every year, they has brings many environmental organizations participation in the festival, all publication they do are purpose to make positive influences highlighting environmental values. In addition, enhanced? social conscience? is not only in order to improve? the environment and reduced? the crime rates during the festival period. It also the key issue to help Glasto survive for more long time, the key condition of license apply is evaluate the environment and crime rate of festival. To improve the social conscience of audient was the best way to let? the audience? have taken the initiative? to maintain? a? better environment. Other hands,? more teenager participate come, let? the organizers? have more responsibility? to make appositive impact? on their. For Glastonbury Festival Limited, there is a very strong sense of social responsibility that has run throughout the history of the event. 8. Recommendation A lot of the bands were saying Glastonbury had become too big, too muddy and too horrible. Through 41 years development, Glastonbury has become the largest outdoor music festival over the world, every year there are roughly 180,000 audiences come to participate. The marketing plan should pay attention to the target audience but also concern over which theme and spirit should be persisting- music or just for entertainment &socializing. Glastonbury festival LTD should take seriously consider about which way they should go. In fact, just 12.9% audiences attracted by music and arts, socializing become the most significant motive. If they just want continued to expand? the scale, the organizer can? position Glastonbury festival as an international fun event with a social conscience. In addition, if the organizers want return to their music theme, they should focus on musical content of the event, and their target market might more focus on music fans. This is a very? important choice? to determine? the nature and future direction of? the? Glastonbury festival. 9. Conclusion The Marketing strategies? should be design to identify and predict the wants and needs of consumers and meet that need festival industry is growing rapidly in recent years, so it is imperative that event manager strive to better understand the motives of attendance,segmenting the customer was a efficient way to define their target markets. With such an established festival as Glastonbury, their target markets must be ???15-24 year olds ???hip-op generation who Interesting in camping ,rock music and variable weather, and wondering to Escape from normal life and socializing with friends&family in the unique atmosphere of Glastonbury festival ??™. About future development, according to the result of segmentation, personally I think the organizers should position Glastonbury as an international fun event with social conscience. Festival organizers should be encouraged to program more free events aimed at the young generation in particular to offer more opportunities for participation in festivals. They should committed to provide a wide range of activities while at music festivals, to satisfy different segments audiences which with different motive. In addition, Expand? the scope of? publicity,? promotion? on a global scale with more? modern? way,? such as web site, popular music channel,? music? magazines; face book, twitter? and other? social networking sites. No matter they are interesting in camping or rock music, wondering socializing or be alone, living in UK or come from oversea; Glastonbury will be their common choice. 10. Appendix A. Activities featured in the festivals programmes were: Artform No of festivals Visual arts 8 Crafts 7 Street arts 6 Processions 5 Dance 5 Photography 5 Popular music 5 Film/video 5 Theatre 4 Spectacle 4 Combined arts 4 Storytelling 4 Circus 3 Literature 3 Rock music 3 Comedy 3 New/digital media 3 Poetry 3 Walks 3 Folk music 3 Carnival 2 Contemporary music 2 Opera 2 World music 2 Puppetry 2 Classical music 2 Musicals 2 Cabaret 2 Music Theatre 2 Lectures 2 Discussion/debate 2 Jazz 1 Other ??“ Bollywood Film/Dance 1 Mime 0 Source from http://www.efa-aef.eu/newpublic/upload/efadoc/11/Economic%20and%20social%20impact-final%20report.pdf B.geographical distribution of music tourism visits C. The constitution of music tourists spending B&C source from: http://www.ukmusic.org/assets/media/UK%20Music%20-Music%20Tourism.pdf 11. References Andy Parfitt(2011),Glastonbury - covering a major cultural event. [online]Available through [Accessed 19 November 2011]. 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