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January 7, 2017 General Studies

Testing Intelligence

The intelligence testing seemed full of loopholes regarding the level of mental power that individuals may have. The outcome gives the impression of inaccurate and prejudice this maybe because the testing zeros in on the mathematical abilities more than other areas of learned resources. The questions did not seem fully calculated. They materialized more so in the fragmented manner, which can be challenging for numerous people if reviewed out of the perspective intended for. The scores, on the other hand, appeared to reflect figures rather than areas of intelligence in reading, writing, comprehension, and other cognitive skills such as the critical thinking competence. These types of methods, which rank individuals against other individuals in similarity, can create the adverse effect in where at on the intelligence scale. There should be countless efforts to run tests against analysis, research, and additional data to rule out the biased nature of the intelligence testing. The Behavioral assessment and method utilized to assist a learner with a persistent behavior difficulty. A predicament resolving techniques one, which takes time and inventive association among specialist and caregivers, constructed on the hypothesis. If a learner keeps replicating a difficult behavior, that behavior must be operating some function for the learner or else, he or she would not keep reiterating it. A process of looking for patterns in what happens around and or to the learner just before and just after the crisis behavior examination of these patterns to identify their purpose or their ” purpose;” some possible meaning are evading something, receiving something, and formulating something to happen creative problem solving to enable the learner to accomplish the identical intention in a more suitable or more tolerable way. Being labeled because of a behavior assessment can affect some people in a negative way and cause them to act out in a way that is disruptive. This even leads to lawlessness and on the other hand, it can promote and encourage a person to change their ways for the better and strengthen them professionally and academically.

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