Examle of New Style Euro Cv

January 13, 2017 Geography

Curriculum Vitae

Personal information
First name(s) / Surname(s) Ewan Trevis
Address(es) Viale Europa 19/a , Treviso , 31100 , Veneto , Italy
Telephone(s) 3454191036
E-mail [email protected]

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Nationality British

Date of birth 05/08/1964

Gender male

Desired employment / Occupational field Teaching English

Work experience Retail

Dates January 1993-March 2010 August 1983-July 1988
Occupation or position held Shop Manager Shop Manager
Main activities and responsibilities Staff Training,Administration,Customer care,Adherence to Procedures,Banking,Maximising shop profits,Security and Ensuring smooth running of the shop
Name and address of employer William Hill PLC , Ladbrokes Racing LTD
9/15 North Drive (same responsibilities as William Hill)
G14bl scotland 0141 201 7000
Type of business or sector Entertainment/ Retail/Betting Industry

Education and training

Dates 1982-1983 1978-1982
Title of qualification awarded Cost and management accounting 1 Scottish ???higher??™ certificates
Mathematics and Statistics 1 Passed;
Business law English,Mathematics,Geography,
Physics and Art

Principal subjects/occupational skills covered Scottish Higher National Diploma in Accounting
Name and type of organisation providing education and training Falkirk College of Technology Scottish Certificate of Education
Scottish Business Education Council Examination board

Personal skills and competences

Mother tongue(s) English

Other language(s) I passed ???ordinary grade??™ in French In the early stages of learning Italian

Social skills and competences Having managed a shop in the public domain for 22 years I find that I can communicate at any level within a social context.I like to think that I am a very good listener.

Organisational skills and competences Again for 22 years I have had to organise all aspects of a busy retail shop to ensure the smooth and
successfull running of the business.

Technical skills and competences I have a basic understanding of all equipment that may be used in an office type environment.

Computer skills and competences I have used Microsoft Word and Excel before.I have had a computer for around 10 years and would consider myself to be competent when using it.

Artistic skills and competences I passed 6th year Art so I consider myself to be better than average at drawing,painting and having knowledge of Art history.

Driving licence I have a full Driving license.I can drive the following classes of vehicle B,BE,C1,C1E,D1,D1E,f,k,l,n,p

Additional information I held the position of District Training Co-ordinator for one year when working for William Hill where
I think I was instrumental in taking new and inexperienced trainees through the required training
programmes to positions of management within the company.I have been proud of my achievements
In this field.
Since I have been in Italy I have also helped quite a few Italians improve their English skills in
writing,listening,speaking and reading.
I have been working at the Touristic Maritime Port in Venice since April where I have been part of the check-in
team.This is classed as ??? occasional??™ work and takes place mostly at the weekends.The season ends
in October.

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