Executive Summery

January 22, 2017 Marketing

Sample Executive Summary

January 1, 200x
John Dough
Global Financial, Inc.
999 Broad St.
Baltimore, MD 99999
Description of Business:

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The Company produces and markets a unique model that details the data requirements of the entire global financial industry. The system details the business processes of a fully functioning securities processing software system. All products use the latest client/server, relational database, and software development technologies. The company has spent the last 2-3 years in development and is now bringing products to market.
Although the Company??™s product prices are comparable to those of competitors, the Company offers the only comprehensive financial industry data model. The software is technology-independent and works on any technology regardless of hardware, operating system, relational database or file handler. In addition, the computer code can automatically be regenerated if the technology changes and the software is designed to allow customers to update and maintain their own systems.
1993, Early Stage
Prior Financing:
$250K from founders, 1993
$300K from venture capital firm of Smith Brothers, 1994
$200K from Bank of England, 1994
Services Sought:
The Company is seeking executive management assistance in the areas of Sales and Marketing.
Financing Sought:
The Company is seeking $1.8 M in equity investment. 50% of this will be used for technical operations and support (i.e. to expand product enhancement and development activities). 40% will be used for marketing and sales in an aggressive expansion of sales staff into the North American market. 10% will be used for G &A.
Key Principals:
??? John Dough, President/CEO: MS Electrical Engineering. Over 15 years experience in management and marketing/sales of high-technology companies. High-level international bank contacts. He manages all operations for the Company.
??? Paul Johnson, Vice President, Marketing/Sales: MBA, 22 years experience financial software marketing and sales. Through this experience, he has numerous high-level bank contacts. He manages international marketing, sales, and sales agents for the Company.
??? Mary Smith, Vice President, Technology: Ph.D., Digital Signal Processing. 25 years experience in data modeling, relational databases, systems developments and advanced CASE experience. She manages product development and client support for the Company.
The Company will target the top 500-1,000 banks worldwide that process over $1 billion in securities and assets. All of the Company??™s software products are licensed and will be available through remote transaction processing services. According to Frost & Sullivan, a national marketing firm, $200M is spent annually on software-related products by such banks.
The Company will employ direct sales to banks through worldwide contacts in the top 1000 banks. The Company already has agents in the UK, France, Germany and South Africa and is currently pursuing strategic alliances with key industry participants. The Company currently publishes industry/technical pages and speaks at targeted international industry conferences. Recently, the Company has completed successful beta testing at Bank of America, and is currently discussing a partnership with a major international software vendor. Global Financial Inc has also submitted proposals to 10 major international banks.
Projected Revenues: (A? =? Actual; P? =? Projected)
|?  |1993A |1994A |1995A |1996P |1997P |
|Revenues |$1.37M |$1.69M |$1.58M |$3.12M |$6.74M |
|Earnings |($524K) |($561K) |($295K) |$354K |$1.12M |

(If the company is currently in operation, it is important to include actual revenue and earnings.)

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