The Importance of Partnership with Parents for All Aspects of the Child Care Service

February 18, 2017 Health

Assessment Criteria
The learner can:

|1. Explain the importance of partnership with parents for all aspects of the child care service |
| |
|The partnership with parents is very important good partnership with parents, as it is the key to making sure that the children in my care get |
|the best care available and are happy and settled in my setting. |
|With the introduction of the Children Act in 1989 parents were given definite rights. This included being able to access information on their |
|children??™s progress and achievements in their setting and also a preference to parents as to which school they wanted their child to go to. |
|Since the introduction of the EYFS in 2008, a clear framework has been put in place to foster partnerships between parents and all |
|professionals, including child-minders, pre-schools, nurseries and schools. |
|The relationship between parents and child-minders can be very close, parents will be coming into my home every day and it is important that I |
|put this on a professional footing by having a Parental Involvement Policy that clearly states how the partnership between the parents and I |
|will work. I will welcome all parents into my setting and encourage their involvement in order to ensure their child is comfortable enough to |
|flourish into confident, happy individuals. |
|The partnership with parents starts with the first initial visit. I need to build a rapport with the parents by understanding their |
|requirements both culturally, socially and any routines they have. I will always endeavour to accommodate a child??™s routine and discuss with |
|parents how this will be managed taking account of the children already in my care. Sometimes a compromise will need to be made, as long as |
|this is agreed by all parties. Different cultures have different approaches to modesty, clothing, and the use of the toilet and hygiene |
|arrangements. |
|Cooking skills also so important. Some cultures have very specific guidelines on the preparation and storage of food and the type of food they |
|eat. Don??™t assume everyone eats what you do or that your way is right or best. |
|All these aspects need to be considered and discussed with the parent at the initial enquiry or visit stage. Don??™t assume that a family from a |
|particular culture or group will follow all the practices of that culture. |
| |
|Parents are the most important people in children??™s lives. They know their children better than anyone else. And it is important that you |
|respect parents??™ wishes in all aspects. For example: all your routines fit in with the parents??™ wishes. Include how much time to allow for |
|watching tv, what programmes are suitable. |
|Finally it is so important working in partnership with parents part of childcare. |

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Assessment Criteria
The learner can:

|2. Describe how partnership with parents are set up and maintained |
|Firstly, it is very important to partnership with parents are set up and maintained. First impressions always good to invite them to visit you |
|in child minders home before the child starts coming to you. |
|Parents are experts on their own child and are their childs first and main educators.?  To meet the needs of children in our care effectively, |
|childcare place have to build strong relationships with parents and make sure that the sharing of information is a two-way: |
|1-Exchanging information, 2-Communication(effectively), |
|Aim for practitioners should be to achieve an open, supportive relationship with parents, who will be made to feel welcome, involved and fully |
|informed about what happens in the childcare place. |
|The preschool experience is often a young child??™s first significant experience away from home. The first separation from home frequently places|
|stress on the family until the transition is made. I have vivid memories of the first day I dropped off my son at preschool. I must have had a |
|thousand questions and a million concerns: Would he behave?  Would he cry?  Would the teachers be able to keep up with him? ?  The questions and|
|concerns went on and on until I and my son finally felt comfortable with the preschool staff and environment. |
|Positive parent-teacher partnerships assist young children with the transition from home and promote healthy growth and development. Even |
|though actively reaching out to parents requires time, patience, and energy, teachers benefit by understanding children??™s home environments. If|
|the partnership between parents, staff and child is going well, each need to be able to trust and respect the other. The self-esteem and |
|well-being of the people in the partnership are important when they are working together. |
|Very important is a good start and to appear friendly and same time professional. Don??™t offer hot drinks the parents for the Health&Safety |
|implications. First meeting to start by talking about everyday things for example: weather, something in the news. Child-minder should show the|
|rooms that the children will be using and the garden if the children will be playing there. Childcare staff should to help parents and children|
|to feel welcome when they first arrive at the setting for e.g. ?  parents and visitors are given a friendly welcome by staff; an attractive |
|display in the entrance area showing some of the recent activities that children have been involved in; information showing the names of staff,|
|with their photographs. Important is positive image and messages. |
|Finally the successful relationship is communication. It can anything for ex: e-mail, text, electronics. Don??™t forget communication is 2 way |
|process. Giver and receiver. |

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