External and Internal Environmental Factors

March 15, 2017 Management

External and Internal Environmental Factors
Tina Whittington
September 19, 2013
Carey Driscoll Rogers

External and Internal Environmental Factors
The four external environmental factors are sociological, economic, technological, political and professional. Economic factors have to do with the economy, how and where the organization gets its funding and income, it also deals with competitors. New technology and the need to be current on how to treat and deal with people, is how technological factors are affected. How the target population reacts to something, is going to be the controlling factor that will affect sociological factors. Political/Professional is the last factors, which deal with regulations and laws that the organization has to impose or follow (Kettner, Allyn, & Bacon, 2002).
The six internal environmental factors are beliefs, mission, vision, culture, goals, and products. Organizations beliefs are the ???values that motivate the organization to take some action??? (Kettner, Allyn, & Bacon, 2002,). Their mission is to explain, what their plans are for an individual and how they can help them. The organizations vision is what that group, foresees in the future for their organization. Culture is the complete description on how the group, plans to put the vision into work for the organization. Goals are the way the organization gets people moving and accomplishing the plan. Finally products are what are needed ???to reach the vision??? (Kettner, Allyn, & Bacon, 2002,). of the organization.
Technological factors and vision are what I believe to be the two most important factors, to an organization reaching optimal function. Without technology, Human Service Workers would not be able to provide to their clients, the most up to date information out there, which would harm their clients in getting the services needed for everyday survival. And without the vision there would be no organization, therefore there would be no services for the clients.
Kettner, P. (2002). Achieving excellence in the management of human service organizations.
Boston, MA: Allyn and Bacon with essay changer online

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