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March 20, 2017 Young People

Task for unit 14 EMYP 3
3.2 What are the roles of health care professionals you may come into contact within your setting
As a childminder I know that the health and well- being of each child within my setting is paramount. If at any time I need to get professional advice for any health issues I know where I can get help from or forward advice to the parents of the child in question. The parent is the main carer and provider of health care in the child??™s early years. So it is important that the right advice goes to them. The advice and services offered can be targeted or specialist depending on the need of each individual child. Good communication is needed if you are joint working with other health agencies. One of a many important parts of promoting good health is the early indication of any illnesses, ill health, or an activity that may cause injury. There are several areas where children and young people can make healthy choices which in turn can make a difference to their life??™s, health, and social outcomes. These choices include a healthy diet and physical activities. This promotes social and emotional wellbeing and keeping children and young people safe. There is advice to avoid alcohol, smoking, and substances use and drug use. It is never too early to educate children of the dangers that will surround them all their lives.
Listed below are some professionals I may come into contact with within my childminding career. Their help in each childs well-being is essential for a healthy and happy child.
* DOCTOR/ GPS ??“ these professionals would normally be first protocol for any parent to see if their child/children are poorly or they have any health issues and concerns they need more advice on. Doctors/ GPS can also do referrals if the situation occurs where the parent may need more advice from other professionals in a specialist subject, ie hearing impediment, eye sight test, and dietician.
* DENTIST ??“ these professional give advice and help on how to keep our teeth healthy and clean. There are poster and leaflets that can be obtained to promote healthy teeth and gums. ie A six monthly check up is recommended to keep your teeth and gums healthy and keep the smile on your face bright and clean.
* OPTOMETRIST – A full eye test is free to children under the age of sixteen. If your child/children have difficulty in reading or complain of headaches regularly it is best to get their eyes sight tested. Having good eyesight may have a profound effect on your child/children??™s school achievements and improve their general well-being and enjoyment of life.
* HEALTH VISTOR ??“ These work alongside the doctors/ GPs to give support and help to children and their families. A health visitor normally comes into your child??™s life about the age of 10 days old. They record your child??™s height and weight and from there on each milestone your child achieves. If there are concerns regarding your child??™s health and development skills, they can give advice and point you in the right direction so that you can learn and help your child to achieve their development goals together. There are also specialist health visitors that offer practical help and support on a child??™s additional needs and they can be a key worker to turn to for further advice to parents.
* SPEECH THERAPIST ??“ They help children with speech, language and communication difficulties. They can give advice at schools and to parents to. Doctors/GPs would normally refer you to a speech therapist if you feel your child is having difficulties at home or at school.
* PAEDIATRICIAN – These specialise in working alongside parents who have children with health and specialist medical health problems. Such specialist areas could be conditions of a serious nature, such as cancer, epilepsy, and disability. These people are trained to help children live as normal a life as possible. They work within a team of specialist that a parent will come into contact throughout their child??™s life.
* DIETICIAN ??“ These work to help give the right advice on nutrients a child needs and from what food to get it from. Leaflets and website are great for advice to my setting and to give to parents if they ask for advice on how to be healthy and food protions for their child??™s age. a good web site is
* AUDIOLOGIST- if your child has been referred to these professionals they will give your child a hearing test to measure your child??™s hearing levels.


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