F100 Essay

March 23, 2017 Management

F100 Argumentative Essay

Argumentative essay (individual) 50 percent. This essay serves as your major individual assessment for F100 block, and allows you to demonstrate your understanding and critical analysis of the concepts, processes, agencies, and issues of Army change management. The intent of this essay is to assess your ability to knowledgably and reasonably argue your position in answering ONE of the questions listed below and explained throughout the F100 block in your online lessons.

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a. Describe the current balance of the Army modernization plan between future capability development and recapitalizing/ modernizing legacy systems. Should it be adjusted Why or why not

b. Which domain/element of DOTMLPF drives change the most in the military/Army and explain why/how

c. Describe an important force management challenge facing the national leadership and recommend a solution.

The essay requirement is assigned with lesson F101 and is due at the end of lesson F106. In general, your paper should be three to five pages (typed, double-spaced, 12 point font, Times New Roman, and with 1″ margins) excluding any charts or diagrams that you may choose to use.

Your submission must be in accordance with (IAW) the CGSC writing standards specified in ST 22-2. You must properly cite your source information for all sources used. Parenthetical footnotes are acceptable. Also, you may use any of the information, articles, and references provided in your online F100 lessons. Again, this assignment is due at the end of lesson F106.

Remember to submit your assignment using the digital drop-box.

The DDE Support Team may answer administrative questions about this assignment; you may contact the DDE Support Team at [email protected]


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