Fact and Opinion

March 26, 2017 General Studies

Fact and Opinion
Most articles include both opinions and facts combine together backing one another to create a stronger piece of writing. A fact is referred to a something that should be true given a particular circumstance and can be supported by evidence. However, this is different from an opinion or belief and possible might or might not, have evidence behind it. An? opinion? is normally a personal statement on a particular topic, and can consequently result in strong emotion which could lead to people interpreting an opinion as a fact.
The newspaper article ???Are Numbered??? by Dimple Hindocha is about larger and foreign supermarkets in Saudi Arabia endangering traditional mini markets known as ???baqala??™ that are in every corner of the towns or city streets in the country. The title alone is in fact, an opinion. At first readers may think that the title may be a fact, however many may disagree with the statement given in the title. The title is very catchy as ???bagalas??™ have become very traditional in the country due to the fact that many locals have been using the small mini markets for several years. To read that their traditional mini markets are being conquered and slowly cleared away by dominating markets is a shock to the society.
The article begins with ???there is a growing concern about the continuing decline of ???baqalat??™ due to the arrival of the many big super markets everywhere??? said by baqala operators. Following this the author then goes on to include that ???the arrival of the large supermarket chains has had a major impact on the nature structure of the local food retailing??? by including the strong general opinion which relates to the older traditions of the country being taken over by new overseas traditions as they begin moving themselves in, makes locals more aware of the issue arising and give them a sense of worry. Although people may be becoming more concerned, there is no evidence to back up the statement and some may not agree with the speech.
The next paragraph contains mostly fact as the writer includes information from a report by GAIN (Global Agriculture Information Network) published in October 2005. ???There are nine hyper supermarkets in the kingdom. In 2006, the number is estimated to reach up to 15??? this is pure fact which is backed up by evidence as statistics provide verification of the issue. By the author including this important information it alerts the populace. When on the topic of ???supermarkets??™, Hindocha mentions that they ???buy in bulk and have a rapid turnover??? which is complete fact. However, following this she continues her sentence by including ???which means their products are fresher.??? The statement is plausible opinion which convinces her readers to agree with the opinion.
The author quotes Hamza, an owner of a small mini market as saying ???the rising number and dominance of supermarkets have continued to place competitive pressures on other route trade outlets such as mini markets. Some small shops shut in a year or less, when a supermarket opens nearby??? this is an example of a combination of fact and opinion as it is true with positive evidence that once a supermarket opens nearby, the ???baqala??™ does struggle to stay profitable. However, some people may disagree that the ???baqalas??™ are even under pressure and may not agree with the owner of the mini market.
The author then goes on to include that ???Class A and B supermarkets in the kingdom total more than 300 and are measuring in number.??? This can be proven by statistics and therefore is factual. Although the comment made about convenience being the single most important thing and most shoppers do their shopping at supermarkets, these are opinions.
The article closes with an opinion, which is basically an explanation of how supermarkets are convenient to the society of Saudi Arabia. Although this is generally believed it is also an opinion. Amin Khan says that supermarkets are open all hours, which backs up the final opinion.
???Are numbers??? merges facts and opinions throughout the article and Dimple Hindocha is able to convey the opinions to be facts, by backing up opinions with facts making her readers consider them to be factual.


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