April 27, 2017 General Studies

What Is This Thing Called Family

In ???What Is This Thing Called Family??? Lee Herrick talks about his family and what he went through being adopted. Herrick is a Korean who was adopted by a Cocassion family. He talks about how other people discriminated him, how they were making fun of him while he grows up with a family which looked nothing like him. But on his eyes he felt like he belongs to be there. That was his family and to him family is not about you looking alike with your sister, brother or parents. Its about love, how they treat you, how you feel around them. Harrick talks about how the kids at school made him feel. How Caucasian sister is would say he is my brother and he is Korean??¦???go back to where you came from Chinaman??? the kids would say. Or ask his sister Holly… ???How can he be your brother??? Or say mean things like ???flat face???. Well he let all whose things get away and made himself understand that the way you look and the way that other make you feel it has nothing to do with what you feel inside. He was happy in his family and he loved them.
In my experience is that I lived all my life with my grandmother and father. My sister and I were separated we only saw each other once a week. The kids at my school always used to ask about my mom and sister, but as always I didn??™t know what to say. As years went by I used to think that my mother didn??™t want to do anything with me, but it wasn??™t true. My friends made it seem that way. I didn??™t want to go to school anymore, because the kids made me feel like I had a bad mother. They didn??™t know anything about me or my family; they didn??™t know why my mom and dad weren??™t together anymore. No matter where I was or how bad my day was my sister was there for me. We didn??™t have to live in the same house or for our parents be together. We always had each other back. Like Herrick??™s say it??™s the people in your family who will stand up for you, when you need them they will be there. It??™s not about being perfect, but it??™s about trying to be a good person.

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