Fashion and Breast Cancer.

May 4, 2017 General Studies

Fashion Targets Breast Cancer Turns 15!

WWD September 30 2009

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By Monika Charleston

This year Fashion Targets Breast Cancer turns 15 years old! This organization was first founded by Ralph Lauren in the late 80??™s. It all started when the former Washington Post fashion editor, and dear friend to Lauren, Nina Hyde, announced the she had breast cancer. Nina later died in 1990. This tragic news inspired Ralf to raise awareness and fight cancer. ???I joined her fight.??? said Lauren. Lauren then partnered with CFDA, and created a logo that has helped the cause for these long 15 years. Since FTBC launched in September 1994, there has been an annual reception at the white house originally hosted by Hilary Clinton. Ralph Lauren, Donna Karan, Betsey Johnson, Kenneth Cole just to name a few all showed their support and have initially raised %0 million dollars for breast cancer charities worldwide. That??™s amazing! Saks Fifth Ave. also partnered with the CFDA and FTBC in 1999 through 2002. The ???target??? or ???bulls eye??? logo is not only on t-shirts, but also shoes, candles, beach umbrellas, pins, and even calendars. This initiative has gone global including Japan. Mammography van was set up during Tokyo Fashion Week. To celebrate this year??™s anniversary, FTBC partnered with QVC and launched a designer charm for the charity program.
This article helps me as a fashion student because it gives me hope and encouragement. As you may or may not know, my childhood dream is to start a clothing line and donate ALL of its profit to the HIV/ AIDS research foundation. I have a really close family member who is HIV+ and has been for 19 long, strong years. I also want to open up my own beauty salon and donate a percentage of my profits to the cause. I think every fashion student needs some type of inspiration, and motivation, and this is it for me. It??™s a really great thing when fashion or anything you love is partnered with a great cause. The word that stuck out the most to me was mammography. It kind of reminds me of mammoth, I??™m not too sure why. mam?mog?ra?ph ??“noun X-ray photography of a breast, esp. for detection of tumors.
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