Disadvantage of Wars

May 26, 2017 Philosophy

War is an armed conflict between two or more groups that attack each other. Although the significance of wars has changed, the significance of wars has not changed. Wars have many shortcomings for people, such as economic depression, environmental problems and conflicts in the social structure.

One of the main shortcomings of wars is economic depression. The cost of wars is very high, because firearms and military vehicles are very expensive. During the war, many firearms and fighting vehicles were used, and many of them were destroyed. In addition, the city, which is at war, receives great damage. For example, many buildings are destroyed by bombs. Important is not only the cost of war, but also the lack of economic improvement. Production and investment are significantly reduced. Thus, trade in countries such as foreign trade and domestic trade is virtually discontinued. The second defect of wars is the problem of the environment. Many military vehicles

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It is used in war. Military machines also harm trees, animals and others. Many animals and humans died, so scattered bodies will be everywhere, as close as possible to sources of drinking water. After people drank this water, they are probably infected with epidemic accidents, such as Phthisis and Yellowness. The last drawback of wars is the conflict in the social structure. When the war progressed, democracy weakened. People have limited freedom. Military junts are very harmful to democracy. In addition, the military junta violates human rights. In addition, some social services are becoming slower. For example, education causes very serious damage to school and family. War leads to a lack of basic needs. In conclusion, wars make the economy weaker, the environment is dirtier, and the social structure is poorer. The war has many shortcomings, but in history, many countries have experienced many wars. On the other hand, now there are many wars. In my opinion, if we do not understand the meaning of the world, these wars will continue in the future.

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