Essay-History Alive: Nanberry

May 10, 2018 History

As if they were powerless against them. The book Nanberry written by Jackie French gets readers to be interested in arly Australia because of its historical accuracy, telling the reader both stories of the Aboriginals and the white settlers and how they felt about each other. This is shown when Nan berry first sees White people: ‘Nanberry stared out between the trees. He could see people! men with white faces, their bodies covered in the skins of strange animals, blue red and brownish grey. (p. 3. ) Color imagery is used to describe the strange colors that the Aboriginals saw worn by the white settlers, with their strange animal skins colored in nnatural colours like blue and red, which were rarely seen in the natural environment. Also because of the bright coloured clothing they wore they stood out from the greens and brown in the natural landscape. The Aboriginals found this peculiar, showing that the white people did not belong in this new land.

Nanberry encourages readers to be interested in early Australia, through its factual information, in how the Aboriginals and white people felt about each other when they first encountered, each other from a distance. Nanberry Tells the reader the horrid treatment the convicts were getting ransported from England to Australia, by big ships. This is shown when the second ship arrives in Sydney, as the people of the colony rush out to help the new comers, that where being of loaded from the row boats.

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Even the most hardened convicts of Sydney Cove had run to help these victims as the rowing-boat crews had unloaded them like sacks of wheat. ‘ (p. 1 1 1) Simile is used to represent how terribly the convicts were treaded on there voyage to Australia. Even when they arrived they where treating there beaten bodies like sacks of wheat. The Treatment of the convicts to Australia was orrendous the boat men as they treated them no better then bags of wheat.

In conclusion Nanberry written by Jackie French is a great historically accurate book bringing to life the world of Australia during the time of the first fleet. As it tells the reader the lack of respect the white settlers gave the aboriginals, Historically accurate information and the horrid treatment of the Convicts that were brought to Australia. In all Nanberry is a historically accurate book, giving us an insight of not just the English point of view, but also the Aboriginals.


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