Essay on Cirque Du Freak

December 14, 2017 General Studies

Essay on Cirque Du Freak By: hp This book project is on The Cirque du Freak. Cirque du Freak was an amazing book that was made into a movie in 2009. The use of this essay is to tell you the differences between the movie and the book. The book and the movie were not really the same at all. The first difference is the movie is not just called Cirque du Freak it is called Cirque du Freak the Vampires assistant.

In the book Darren Shan the main character narrates the book while in the movie it is some omniscient person. In the book Darren has three friends Steve and two others, while in the movie his only best friend is Steve. In the next parts of the movie Darren and Steve are arguing when a dark colored limo drives by and drops a flyer, that flyer just happens to be for the Cirque du Freak. While in the book one of his other friends shows the flyer to Darren and Steve that’s when they decide they want to go.

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The next difference is how they get the tickets in the book Steve goes to the theatre before the show and gets the tickets but can only get two, in the movie Darren and Steve get the tickets right at the Cirque du Freak. Around the end of the book they finally go to the Cirque du Freak. In the book one of the acts known as the wolf man comes out , the cirques ringleader Mr. Tall says “ You must not make a noise or the wolf man will snap out of his trance. Everyone is quiet but suddenly there is a loud noise the wolf man wakes up and bites a woman’s arm off, this is the difference in the book the woman is a normal person, in the movie she is the next act. The next difference is a really big difference there is a spider named Madam Octa she is one of the acts. In both the movie and the book Darren steals the spider but the difference is where he keeps the spider, in the book he brings it home and has it for a few weeks, while in the movie he has t for a day and keeps it in his locker at school. There is a similarity with madam octa in the movie and book she bites Steve and puts him in a coma. The biggest difference of all is the movie is two books the Cirque du Freak The Vampires Assistant. In the end of the book Darren makes a deal with a vampire that if he saves Steve Darren will be his assistant. That is basically the whole movie and book. I preferred the movie over the book but this is the end of the essay on Cirque du Freak.


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