Essay on ‘Social Media – A Blessing or a Curse?’

Due to the development of social media and social network, it’s hard to find someone has not heard of Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and tons of other social networks. Nowadays, social media has made significant impacts as well as negative effects on some areas like equality, creativity, and career advancement. Social media is a powerful weapon for spreading information and also a great tool for cyber-bullying. For example, the gay community, they have used social media to form and promote specific groups like Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender around the world to fight for their equality. However, gay community also has strongly suffered with discrimination from homophobic all over the world. September 2010, eighteen years old Tyler Clementi committed suicide after his roommate has uploaded a video of him having a romantic interact with another boy (Foderaro). He had been bullied for being openly gay. On the other hand, same-sex marriage was the number one topic on blogs and number three subject on Twitter. 40% bloggers and 41% Twitter users support for same-sex marriage on social media (Mitchell). In fact, on June 26th, 2015, the US Supreme Court declared that gay marriage or same-sex marriage has become legal in all 50 states.

Visual art and design are the most favorable media shared on social network. Social network allows designers and artists to show their projects, explore new ideas, inspire others or propaganda purpose. By joining a Pinterest board or follow a Tumblr page, people can find tons of styles and ideas in a short time and less effort. Adobe Systems Inc created a portfolio social network called It’s specialized for photographers, designers, and artists to share their own ideas and receive feedback from others. According to Toni Morrison, only artists can help us understand the inconceivable.

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