Characteristics of Developmental Periods

December 21, 2016 Communication

There are five devlopmental periods, they are as follows, Infancy (birth-2 yrs), Early Childhood (2-6 yrs), Middle Childhood (6-10 yrs), Early Adolescence (10-14 yrs), and Late Adolescene (14-18 yrs).
Infancy is the first developmental period which is birth to 2 years of age. During this time frame a baby is learning many different things from nonverbal communication to making faces to other people. This is an important time in their life for them to become comfortable with their surroundings including their family. This is important for us as caregivers to let a baby know that we are understanding their facial expressions so they know that this is normal. It is also important as the caregiver to understand what your baby wants.
Early Childhood is the next period which is 2 to 6 years old. This stage in life can be very amusing for caregivers as your child is starting to come out of their shell. They learn to speak during this period. They are also full of energy during this period which can be exhausting for caregivers but at least you know your child is healthy. It is important for children at this age to have other interaction with children their age group.
Middle Childhood is age 6-10 years old. Children have less of an imagination at this period in time. They are more looking for acceptance from parents and friends at this stage in their life. They want to feel speical and get praise when it is deserved. Children at this age become more independent and want to help out with special tasks which is good for their development.
Early Adolescene which is ages 10-14 years old. This stage in life is when they start to grow and develop things they didn??™t know were there. They go through mood swings at this age and will get into many fights with friends. They are constantly wondering what to do next or how they can get some attention. This age is a very good age for children to start thinking logically and thinking of ways for things to work.
Late Adolescense which is ages 14-18. This is the stage when children become teenagers that think they are adults and can boss real adults around. This is a hard stage for parents to get past because their children are becoming young adults that think they are in charge of their body and their things.


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