Generation Y

January 11, 2017 Religion

Defined by Technology
Did generations before us ever think what the future will be like Have they imagined flying cars and robots We haven??™t yet reached that time where we can fly cars and have robots as pets, but we can easily communicate to a person that lives halfway around the globe, not by just talking but by seeing them in person. This is how far technology has brought us to this day. Simple and easy, it??™s the new way we want everything to function, and use it. People across the globe rely on such technology in their everyday tasks, communicating with the phone, to surfing the web. With such tools of technology the world is shaped into the image we see it today. Technology plays a big role in my life and it helps me live in the world it is today; I can communicate easier in many different ways by using either a cell phone or the Internet, all thanks to the world of technology.
Cell phones, IPods, computers, and other digital devices are vastly used by Generation Y. Anywhere and everywhere we notice people using these devices in many different ways. The usage of a cell phone is not limited by just one task which is to call; it has many features to it now, than ten or fifteen years ago. We all know that an individual can text and call using a cell phone, yet now people can surf the web, download videos, music, as well as photos. They can even chat through webcam on their phone. This shows how far technology has progressed and is still growing.
I remember being back in sixth grade when all of my friends had a cell phone, back at that time, to own a cell phone meant you were popular. I have dreamed of getting a phone so badly all because I didn??™t want to feel like I was left out. The only way I did get one is by pleading my parents multiple times a day for two straight months, convincing them that it would be so much easier to talk to me when I was away from home. The day finally came when I got my phone, I can??™t express how excited I was at that moment, yet I finally did get what I dreamed of. Having that phone was like winning a four hundred meter race, because for me, it meant that I was finally part of the ???cool group??™. Although later on I realized that the phone didn??™t make me cool whatsoever, but I guess at that moment I liked to think that it did. From the day when I got my first cell phone and every other I have used, it has become my means of communication with everyone I knew. From calling, and texting, to surfing the web, and checking my e-mail, the cell phone has helped me accomplish such tasks. Here is one example of how technology assists people across the globe: author Melissa Ludwig states that ???Young and old alike tout the positive aspects of the communication revolution: it empowers regular folks to create, innovate or mobilize around a cause??? (170). This shows us that not only the young generation uses technology to a greater cause but older generations too. It is a tool used by almost everyone.
The Internet, on the other hand, seems to be used even more than cell phones and other devices. It is a database of infinite information. If one needs to find out something, or they are looking for some information on a particular task, all they need to do is go online. The Internet has helped me in many ways, for example, when I was assigned homework and there were some math problems that I didn??™t understand, I went on the Internet and found many helpful sites that tutored and showed more examples than what I learned in school. The Internet and its sources have helped me become a better student, and math was no more of an issue to me.
Facebook and YouTube have become the most popular to use. Facebook is used as a tool of mass communication on the internet. It seems as though everyone knows all their friends on Facebook, but most of them they never met in person. Facebook has helped me communicate with my friends that are living in different states and countries. I can share with them my views and opinions online. Looking at their recent activities and photos they share, helps me visualize their personal life. Just post any statement concerning any subject on Facebook and after a few minutes the mail is full with comments about that statement. Everyone has a word in the conversation if they chose to. Facebook then becomes a ???chat room??™. Author Nicholas Handler says ??????Jameson calls it ???pastiche???: the wearing of a linguistic mask, speech in a dead language.??™ In literature, this means an author speaking in a style that is not his own-borrowing a voice and continuing to use it until the words lose all meaning and the chaos that is real life sets in??™??? (172). This is one view form the opposite side. Some believe that we are using what appears to be carefully typed up statements than a face-to-face conversation, improvising from the heart. That may be true, yet we speak our mind through technology more effectively than in person. We have time to think critically about what we will say than having to make things up on the way. It just sounds more professional.
What each person does on their own time varies, yet we share one factor, we all use some sort of technology. ???Many students were so self-absorbed they didn??™t want to participate. I think it??™s because we all have our own cell phone and iPod with which we??™re doing our own thing in our own little world??? (Gordon 167). Overall, this statement is what defines us; me in particular, it defines the whole generation that I am part of. All of us are captured in their own little world where they speak their mind not through words but through letters. We use technology as a tool to our privilege. The generation that I am a part of is different in many ways from generations before. Older generations may not understand our actions and why we do them, but we do so because that is the way we have become so used to do. We speak out our views, opinions, and our mind through the use of Internet, which therefore reaches out to more than one person. People all over the world can access what we have posted up online. Our views about politics, religion and other different factors that surround us, all can be posted on the Internet. We have a way of reaching out to not just one person but too many, maybe we won??™t change other people??™s opinions or views, but we can always show them an alternative to their views. This is one way internet has allowed us to communicate to a larger population. Thanks to technology we now can reach out to the whole world. For some it may seem that technology brings no good, yet we cannot ignore the fact that some have learned to use technology wisely and some have learned to abuse it.
The Internet has transformed my way of communicating as well as others. According to Jeffrey Boase,?????¦the Internet and the cell phone have transformed communication from house-to-house to person-to-person. This creates a new basis for community??¦??? (Boase). I can strongly agree to that fact, because my way of communicating through the Internet and the cell phone is now my primary way of communicating with the people I know. Not so long ago I remember we all used a landline, yet now we are more advanced and mobilized. ???We??™re becoming part of the machine, and it is becoming part of us??? (Khanna para. 9). According to this statement, we cannot ignore what was said, for it is true. It is a fact we cannot deny, and in the near future we may, literally, live in technology. Everything is moving quickly and growing rapidly, everything is becoming so advanced and mobilized that not so long from now we will become a part of technology itself. For me it is something worth waiting for, because it will make me more advanced in every aspect of my life.
Everyone uses technology and everyone knows that it helps us in many different ways. We cannot live without it, because we have become so attached to it. Through technology we are making a revolution. We are communicating in a new way, which to older generations may seem very vague, yet they are becoming a part of it too. Technology assists us in numerous ways, by communicating, and using the web, we now can complete tasks with a simpler and quicker way. Technology is part of my life; it has helped, and will assist later, to communicate with the people I care about. It is what defines the generation today, and more importantly me.

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