December 31, 2016 Physics

Genetic Engineering:

Genetic Engineering is a branch of biotechnology and one of the most exciting developments of modern science. Today many useful products are produced by genetic engineering.

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Genetic Engineering is a benefit because it reduces the cost of production which means that the poor can afford more food, and be more self sufficient. Plants become better resistant pests and disease which means fewer pesticides have to be used, and therefore the plants have better flavor, texture and nutritional value. People will be able to grow new body organs, find cures for cancers and other diseases. With the possibility of altering genes most people will be looking forward to living live for 100s or 1000s of years, and making movies like the X-men becoming reality.

Genetic Engineering can cause widespread crop failure. Genetic Engineering of plants and crops also requires the use of herbicide. Herbicides are responsible for causing illnesses in farm workers. Herbicides can also contaminate water supplies and kill all the weeds in a field. Many genetically engineered crops have toxin genes on them, because of this; helpful organisms such as ladybirds, bees, and butterflies are killed. Also if plant remains fall back to Earth, earthworms and other organisms which live in the soil are threatened.

Even though genetic engineering has quite a few negatives points to it I think that it is a positive technology. So many possibilities are available because of genetic engineering and I enjoy the fact that top quality fruits and vegetables can be produced and that scientists are on the verge of discovering cure for diseases like cancer.


Cloning is the process of making an identical copy of something. It refers to the process used to create copies of DNA fragments, cells, or organisms.

The advantage of cloning is that the offspring is totally predictable; it is guaranteed to have the characteristics that of the parents. It allows breeders to create a genetic copy of their best animal, with traits such as resistance to disease or better food quality. It also expands breeders reproductive options. Cloning improves the quality and consistency of a herd.

The downside of cloning is that we are interfering with nature and anything could go wrong. We are not certain of the side effects of cloning humans and if a human was cloned it would be identical to someone else in the world and would not be unique. Clones may be seen as a lower class as they are not real; they may be thought of as a copy and so can be treated badly although they have feelings. Clones could also be illegally produced to do specific jobs.

Even though cloning has many benefits, I believe that it is a negative because the world is not ready for it yet. Bad people will abuse the use of cloning in many ways, by building armies etc. It should not be open to the public, if scientists just kept if for important reasons such as the cloning of an endangered species that would be fine.



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