Establishing mucuna breacteata using plug trays

January 2, 2018 Management

Uncorrectable planted excessively in almost all plantation cottonseed replanting program. Uncorrectable can produces large amounts of organic matter through its litter mulch and thus rebuilds poor, degraded soil by enriching them with mulch (Ho, 2007). Ho (2007) stated that Uncorrectable can prevent Rhinoceros beetle damage to 93%. On the other hand, it provides a moist environment for oil palm residues to decompose faster. Hence, the importance of establishing Mucus vertebrate cannot be avoided. Today, estate managers must have at least a one particular small nursery area.

The small nursery area functions as propagation of Mucus vertebrate(Figure 1), beneficial plant and Jungle trees( plant at river bank/ riparian zone – RSVP). According to John Mason (1994), at all times, the nursery manager must have a firm control over what it is costing to operate the business. Cost involved in operating a nursery can be as : 1. Land A cost should always be included for provision of land 2. Labor Work efficiencies are extremely important. For example how many pots can be potted in one hour or how many cuttings can be done in a day. 3. Capital

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Development of new capital such as building, purchased assets or stores must be payback. 4. Equipment A nursery can operate with basic equipment or new technology equipment. 5. Materials Can use cheap product with poor quality or expensive product that might be better quality. Figure 1 :Uncorrectable nursery In addition, micro-sprinkler and plug treasury one of the innovations in operating a nursery. The innovations that manager easily can apply in their nursery management. OBJECTIVES This paper is to gain new insights of establishingMucunabraecteatanursery using plug trays and micro-sprinkler irrigation system.

Micro-sprinkler irrigation has become established and widely used in Colorado orchards in recent years because of its potential to increase yields but more importantly because of the increased irrigation efficiency and decreased labor requirements ( R. Gooding and l. Bronzer, 2013). PLUG TRAYS Material Figure 2 :Polystyrene sheet tray The tray is made of polystyrene sheet(Figure 2). It contains total 51 holes. Every cells distance between +1- 6 CM. The size of the tray is 5 CM height x 36 CM width x 56 CM length. It is lightweight with only grammas.

Black color trays selected because it will absorbed more heat and tend to produce faster growth than light – color trays. The diameter of the cell is 6 CM top x CM height x 4. 5 CM bottom (Figure 3). Figure 3 :Cell dimension Advantages Plug trays have many advantages. Such as: 1 . To establish maximum space efficiency. No more land leveling or large area of land required. Land cost can be saved. 2. Many plants can be produced in one tray. Faster growing times. Uniform growth of plants and less competition among plants because each plants growth in individual cell. Less root shocks and plant stress.

No more weeding cost. 3. Plug trays can be recycled instead of plastic pollywog. It can be recycled for at least one year or a program of replanting work. Easy handling and light weight (Figure 4). It also reduced poly bag wastage in the field. Hence, comply to continue improvement plan of Principle 8 RSVP. 4. Plug trays transplant established better in the field because roots are not damaged in pulling(Figure 5). Figure 4 : Easy handling with total 2 keg of weight MICRO-SPRINKLER Figure 6 : Micro-sprinkler Figure 5 : No roots damage The size of micro sprinkler( Figure 6) is CM x LLC. It is made of black HADE.

The A did is where the water comes out as artificial rainfall. The B side is sharp for the micro sprinkler to penetrated and affixed to the black HADE pipe. The micro-sprinkler cover an area of 8 inches radius. 1 . Artificial rainfall created by water free flow to fall on the Uncorrectable. Cheaper way of watering plants and water saving. Efficient use of water for irrigation and reducing water loss by eliminating water conveyance channels. Appropriate way of watering in a nursery for area with scarce water supply. 2. Easily established at steep slopes and undulated topography. Save lands and difficult terrain.

No more leveling of land and land cost can be saved. 3. Minimized pest problems, such as weeds and diseases, by applying water to the root area of the plant. 4. Easy connection to hoses or outdoor spigots. 5. Reduced labor time and operating cost. The amount of water discharge can be closely manage and monitored. Increased flexibility of watering operation. 6. Water used efficiency can be increased. The seeds growth uniformly, short period of time and with minimized water usage. 7. The ability of sprayed even amount of water to the plant. Allowing shorter watering time with less runoff.

Cost effective and simple handling. Uncorrectable planted in plug trays and water use micro-sprinkler. The nursery located within the estate office compound area. The nursery space area is mm width x 31 length = 124 square meter. This confines space can fill up 318 plug trays. Plug trays that can propagate 16218 Uncorrectable. Figure 8 : Control valve A worker operate to open and close the water control valve(Figure 8) twice daily. The control valve is important for maintaining a constant operating pressure in the system. The piping system used Alpha HADE pipe 20 mm.

Office compound have been chosen because it is easy for monitoring and observation the planting progress and development. The maintenance and water supply also is very convenience. Using plug trays the seedling then transplant to the field within 2 weeks. CONCLUSION Today, land constraint will be one of the main factors every plantation company start investing within Asia region. Some of the plantation company already invested in Africa region. Every corner of land is valuable and must be planted with oil palm crop. However, a small area or land must be allocated for plant propagation nursery.

Plant propagation nursery of oil palm seedling, Jungle trees, cover crops or beneficial plant. Estate managers have start looking for new technology of establishing nursery. Establish nursery with limited sources of land, labor, capital, equipment and materials. Establishing Uncorrectable using plug trays and micro-sprinkler can save cost and time. The plug trays work in soil-less condition with peat moss as medium. It faster the Uncharacteristically and plants are uniform. Then, it will be transplanted to the field after 2 weeks. It restrained growth of weeds, disease and no chemical application.


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