Establishing Rapport during Therapeutic Relationship

The completed exam should be submitted to gradebook. 1. Why is it important for the case manager to establish positive rapport with the client at the beginning of the therapeutic relationship? The establishment of positive rapport is to gain the clients trust that allows for open communication at the beginning of the therapeutic relationship. 2. Name 3 specific things the case manager can do to establish rapport.

In other words, what can the case manager do during the first session to make the client feel comfortable? Several things that a case manager can initiate to make the client feel comfortable is to show empathy on the situation, being available to the client to gain trust, and motivating the client for improvements on the goals. 3. Name 3 formal resource linkages and 3 informal resources linkages Informal resources linkages consist of networks that may include families, friends, and neighbors.

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Formal resources are agencies defined resources to help maintain a normal quality of life that can include housing shelters, public assistance, mental/medical assistance, employment and many more. 4. Name 4 important pieces of information the case manager needs to find out during the intake interview. The four important pieces of information a case manager needs to acquire during the intake interview are the demographics. The age, sex, residence, and financial circumstances all are important pieces of information to see what type of assistance the client qualifies for. . Why is it important for the case manager and the client to work together to establish client goals? Communication between the case manager and client needs to be clear in order to achieve any goal. The case manager would need to actively listen to the client and the client would need to be express his/her desires so both can review what needs to be done and find the appropriate assistance for the client. 6. Are there any exceptions to breaking confidentiality when working with a client?

There are exceptions on not abiding confidentiality rules when the client or anyone else may be in danger to protect any parties that may be involved. 7. List 3 vulnerable populations. Vulnerable populations are those who may feel powerless, lacking skills and have low self-esteem that prevent them from having a normal life consisting of long-term, physical disabilities, and mental disabilities. 8. What is empathy and why is it important in the therapeutic relationship? Empathy is to relate to how another may feel, by either experiencing the same situation or somehow aware of it. . The role of a case manager is both rewarding and sometimes overwhelming. List 3 potential stressors which a case manager may encounter in the workplace. Potential stressors that a case manager may encounter would vary depending on each type of client and situation. The objective is to help them, and the stressor would be not being able to assist with fulfilling the client’s desire. Cultures and varied ethnic backgrounds can place a stress on a case manager if background information is sparse or not available.

Communication can be a stressor if that has not been established initially. Locating accurate resources for the client to match the need based on the intake information. 10. List 2 things you did not know prior to taking this class. In other words, name two things you’ve learned over this 5 week class. Over the past five weeks I have learned what a case manager does to help clients and the dedication they have to the client to meet goals. Both formal and informal involvements are an asset to the client when concerning various cultures.



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