Eth125 Diversity Worksheet Essay

August 5, 2017 Cultural

1. What is diverseness? Why is diverseness valued?

Diverseness is holding assortment. Diversity is valued because there are all kinds of cultural groups. races. household income scopes. etc. Diverseness can be classified as fundamentally what runs our states economic system in a manner if you merely think about it. All these races and cultural groups with a assorted scope of incomes and the more money made. the more money spent. which in return boosts our economic system.

2. What is ethnocentrism? In what ways can ethnocentrism be damaging to a society?

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Ethnocentrism is the belief in the high quality of the state or group to which person belongs. It can be damaging to society because there are groups and people out at that place that don’t believe that the state is superior and that everyone merely needs to populate their ain lives non caring about anyone else. Some people have a negative attitude towards high quality in the state and it’s authorities as a consequence of what our authorities does and what it doesn’t make besides.

Like people think the authorities is seeking to take everyones places off from them as a consequence of the authorities raising belongings revenue enhancements which is merely obviously stupid because there are so many low income households that can’t afford belongings revenue enhancements as it is and there’s traveling to stop up being a batch of bank owned places all over the U. S. if they keep raising revenue enhancements and what non. That’s the position I have on it.

3. Define out-migration and in-migration.

Emigration is when person deliberately moves from their place state to for good settle in another. Immigration is when person or a group of people move into another state or part to which they are non native in order to settle at that place.

4. What are some of the ways groups of people are identified?

Ways groups are identified are race. ethnicity. faith and gender.

5. Why do people label and group other people?

Peoples label and group other people in order to give them a distinguishable individuality in the society. Labeling can be both positive and negative to the person that is being labeled.

6. Define civilization. Is civilization limited to racial and cultural backgrounds? Explain.

Culture is the behaviours and beliefs that are characteristic of a peculiar societal. cultural. or age group. No. civilization is non limited to racial and cultural backgrounds as it’s a multi-layered belongings of our societies and people from other civilizations are besides influenced by the many groups of people that make up the state.


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