Ethical Decision Making

May 29, 2018 Religion

What did you learn about your own ethical decision making from the self-assessments? After conducting the ethical self-assessment it can be said that I learned a large amount of valuable information and lessons from taking this measurement of my decision making skills on the ACHE web address. I discovered that even though I have my own set of moral principles and make my own decisions; there are still those decisions that come to play where assistance is needed in making those final decisions.

It is easier to make a decision for ones’ self than to make a decision for others, especially when a decision can have huge consequences on someone else’s life. What is the effect of professional ACHE standards on your ethical decision making? I believe by having a set of standards established by the American College of Healthcare Executives set forth in their Code of Ethics helps to assist with very controversial and ethical decision making.

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Without some type of standards being set for executives in regards to their decision making; they would be making decisions everywhere according to their own moral upbringing or what they felt is morally correct. Therefore, this could bring about enormous types of controversy because what one person feels is ethically or morally correct may not be what another person feels is right. Therefore, the result of having professional ACHE standards written will help me with hard moral decision making. How do your individual ethics influence your decision making?

Every individual is influenced by their own upbringing or what their family teaches him or her. Therefore, from their lifestyles decisions cannot help but to promote with persuasion in ones’ views. There are five major influences that consist of family influences, religious beliefs, culture, experience, and personal reflection. Running Head: Ethical 3 Mostly children are told what religion they will become because their parents only introduce them to the religion that they study and partake in. Therefore, whatever moral standards that religion takes part in ultimately will be what you or I are taught and will follow later in life with our

moral and ethical decision making. In regard to culture it definitely assists in determining how one lives their life, which in return when one has diverse cultural environments one will have different outlooks on life. When people have dissimilar cultures, they also have an assorted array of standards and principles which, in return have the possibility of swaying ones’ decisions. Life experiences definitely influence decision making currently and into the future. From the time we are young babies we learn from our experiences such as when I touch that it hurts.

Therefore, we do not touch that item again. This is the same type of reasoning that when something positive comes out of a choice or decision; we will more than likely make a decision to go with a similar method in a similar situation. Ultimately when making a decision one must look inward at their self and outward at the World around them to come to a decision. What strategies can you adopt to improve your ethical decision making in the future? Learning from my past whether be when I failed or when I was successful I will now be able to implement a plan to assist me with my decision making.

I will use a series of questions for every decision. I will start by asking if the matter at hand is ethical. The next thing I will look at is gathering all the facts about the situation. Then by evaluating the other actions I can take will assist in my decision making. By assessing the numerous ethical methods available will help me to make the best moral decision. Running Head: Ethical 4 I will then put my decisions to the test by explaining my decision to others and hearing their input.

If I was working as a healthcare administrator I would discuss my decision with m y ethical team. However, with always using my plan in all situations I would sauces my decision with family members or even othe4r co-workers I could trust. The final part of my approach will consist of me making my decision. Therefore, after going through these five steps I will then implement my decision. I must be able to take a look at how my decision is coming to play and if any changes need to take place and I must be ready to make the changes at that time.


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