Ethics case study Essay

By July 10, 2017 July 11th, 2017 General Studies

1 ) What are Joseph’s ethical jobs?

Joseph is faced with some ethical jobs such as honestness. struggles of involvement. equity and payoff. He found out that Carl and other employees were utilizing ( kickback ) with their clients. Even if the Alcon’s manus book didn’t say anything about the kickback. but it include this statement” our company stands for the right thing at all clip and giving our clients the best merchandises for the best price” so Joseph and the employees known that the kickback is unethical and do non stand for the company policy of making the right thing for their client because he known that kickback cut down just completion. which finally leads to cut down quality and addition monetary values for clients.

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2 ) Assume that you are Joseph and discourse your options?

Joseph should turn to the state of affairs with Carl and the other employees to explicate to them the ethical job with the kickback. seek to inform them that is non acceptable to go on in it and the jobs that it can do. if this didn’t work he straight should describe this behaviour to the president of the company because non describing this can do him lose his occupation or faces condemnable charges.

3 ) What other information do you experience you need before doing your determination?

Some the information that are needed to do determination are to cognize for how long this action is traveling on is it for long clip or non. how they mange to conceal this act organize the trough of the company. seek to understand how. why and when this act started.

4 ) Discuss in which concern countries the ethical jobs lie.

There are many ethical jobs in this state of affairs for illustration: Abusive behaviour which can be seen in the respond of Carl when Joseph converts him with the information that he found. Conflicts of involvement which exist when single must take whether to progress his ain involvement ; Joseph was confronting this because he was afraid that if he repots this it will impact his married woman new occupation. He besides confronting bribery ethical job which in retune of his soundless his married woman will holding the occupation. Fraud Joseph could be engaged in delusory patterns to progress his ain involvements. Besides he will be lying and non honesty.

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