Ethics Case Study: Homeless Man Essay

August 6, 2017 General Studies

Case Facts:

We decided to discourse the instance of the homeless adult male provided in the text edition. Here are the instance facts: A homeless adult male attempted to salvage a adult female that was being attacked in New York City. In the procedure he was stabbed. He was visibly shed blooding on the pavement for over an hr. as people walked by. took images and stopped to look at him. One adult male shook him. No 1 attempted to assist him. remain with him. or name exigency services. The homeless adult male died on the pavement.

Duties. Duties and Rights:

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After reading the initial facts of the instance. we discussed the duties. responsibilities and rights all held by the passersby and viewing audiences of the state of affairs. They are as follows: Every passer-by has the right to their personal safety and wellness. every bit good as the right to stay soundless and anon. . Given these undeniable rights. every passer-by besides has the moral responsibility and duty to describe a witnessed offense to the governments. They besides have the responsibility to work towards keeping the safety and wellbeing of their community. Along with this responsibility. comes to obligation to back up and protect the most vulnerable among this community.


Our group further discussed the deductions of the state of affairs and the associated effects. both intended and unintended. positive and negative. Following are the effects that could hold occurred if the passersby had chosen to offer assistance to the homeless adult male: First. the man’s life could hold been saved. Another result would be the determination and persecution of the felon.

Another. would be puting a positive illustration for the community. in bend advancing the safety of the community as a whole. Another positive effect could be moving as a accelerator for future Torahs to be enacted helping the community. Finally. a positive result from assisting the homeless adult male would go forth the passersby with selfless emotions.

Negative effects that could ensue from declining to help the homeless adult male would include: The homeless adult male dies and the condemnable flights. potentially go oning to harm more members of the community. Another effect includes the populace losing a sense of security every bit good as the passersby holding the uneasiness and uncertainness of non cognizing the result of the state of affairs if they chose to walk away before his decease. Finally. if the passer-by chose to walk off. they face the negative effect of feeling of regret upon denying their personal ethical motives and duties.

Moral Ideals:

Having analyzed the facts. duties and effects of the instance. the moral ideals that we have extrapolated are: Justice. unity. loving kindness. and bravery. Justice. “denoting the rating of state of affairss harmonizing to their virtues. reasonably and without bias. every bit good as giving each individual his or her due. ” The best manner to transport out justness in this state of affairs would hold been to guarantee that the felon was found and prosecuted. and protecting the life of the homeless adult male. Integrity. the quality of being honest and holding strong moral rules irrespective of who is watching. is the 2nd moral rule that we have decided best relates to this instance.

If the passer-by had acted with unity. he/she would hold opted to remain with or somehow assist the homeless adult male to see that his life was saved as opposed to denying their moral duty in walking off and taking to disregard the state of affairs. The following moral rule is Loving kindness. “doing unto others as you would hold them make unto you. ” or merely the Golden Rule. If the passersby had showed loving kindness. they would hold felt empathy towards the homeless adult male as a fellow homo being and would hold ensured that he received assistance. as they would hold wished person do for them if their functions were reversed.

The concluding moral ideal that we felt most applied to this instance was bravery. “consisting merely in suppressing fright and in keep backing the organic structure from flight no affair what the hazard of hurting. We felt that this moral ideal applied to the instance. as it would necessitate the passersby to disregard their rights to safety as worlds and let their duties to help the adult male override their sense of fright and insecurity. If the passer-by had maintained this ideal of bravery. they would hold approached the homeless adult male and helped to salvage his life.


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