Ethics in advertising

Ethics is known as a moral philosophy, one that is held in high regard within mass media, communications, and its respective professions.

Due to the diversity of the world both demographic and cryptographic, ethics is a very subjective philosophy. In the advertising field ethics is an extremely vital aspect for which reputations, credibility, and success thrive on. The subjectivity of ethics in advertising is a very controversial and highly debated sue. Most in the field of advertising are on a constant struggle in regard to what is ethical, not just to oneself or group but to the masses It is important to appeal to the largest audience possible and be politically correct.

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One unethical choice could cost advertisers, not only money but their reputation and clientele. There have been countless cases in which advertisers and the companies in which they represent have been deem UN ethical for their advertisements. Truth in advertising isn’t always “black and white”, more so “grey”. It is crucial for advertisers to take this into account during the creative process. Advertisers also have to remain a “grey area” in regard to social issues that may arise.



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